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Carla Del Vecchio
mad for social media and espresso–but only the good stuff
mad for social media and espresso–but only the good stuff

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Look where I am ... #Google HQ, Silicon Valley

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Social Media Comparison — May 2014
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Are you planning your social media marketing strategy for 2014? And wondering which social network is right for you?

Understanding "where your audience is" is a building block of social media strategy, that can decide whether your marketing efforts are going to be a successful venture or a waste of time.

So whenever possible, it's a good practice to base your social media choices on data. And to help you out the good folks at +Leverage New Age Media created an infographic, which gives a clear snapshot of the key stats for Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, and how to best leverage each platform.

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One to bookmark. 
It's only a (very short) matter of time before organic Facebook reach hits zero. I asked a number of experienced Facebook marketers to share their thoughts and advice on tackling dwindling organic reach and the future of Facebook marketing. The result is a new ebook...

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Wouldn't want to read fiction this way ... but could see myself consuming work related documents like this.
Hate reading slowly? Spritz aims to allow people to read 1,000 words per minute ... DigitalTrends -- "f you ever wanted to read “A Game of Thrones,” odds are you were put off by the sheer number of pages each book in the series contains. For example, it is 819 pages worth of reading. Especially if you’re a slow reader, that doesn’t sound like a very fun number of pages. What if I told you that you could read the massive book in less than five hours? Spritz allows you to do just that.

In “Stealth Mode” for roughly three years, Spritz enables people to read words as they appear one at a time, in rapid succession. With Spritz, you can read anywhere from 250 to 1,000 words per minute.

While rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP), which is another way to speed up your reading, already exists, Spritz differs in that it focuses on the “Optimal Recognition Point,” or ORP. Notice the red letter whenever a word passes by? That’s the ORP, or “fixation point.”

Normally, when you read, your eyes hop from word to word, all the while figuring out the meaning of the word. Not only does this take time, but you only spend 20 percent of that reading time on processing whatever content you’re reading. The remaining 80 percent is used to go from word to word while looking for that fixation point, running the risk of skipping shorter words.
By indicating the ORP with red, and positioning each word so the location of the ORP doesn’t change, Spritz allows you to read and process the content while not having your eyes jump from word to word. This differs from RSVP, which simply shows you words in rapid succession without focusing on the ORP. ..."

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Sydney’s underwater world is coming to Street View on Google Maps

Since the Catlin Seaview Survey first collected underwater imagery of the Great Barrier Reef, they’ve traveled to many other underwater spots around the world to collect a baseline photographic record of the marine environment. Now, they’re teaming up with the Sydney Institute of Marine Science to record and reveal the marine life along Sydney’s famous Harbour and coastline, from Manly to Bronte. The project uses Catlin Seaview Survey’s 360-degree panoramic SVII camera to gather the imagery, which will be published to Google Maps later this year. 

We hope this new Street View imagery not only advances important scientific research, but also inspires people to learn more about the beautiful—and delicate—ecology of Sydney Harbour and our local beaches.

Find out more at our blog:

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What do we think? #NewTwitter
#Twitter  is testing a new layout - this is pretty awesome. It shows the number of photos/videos you've shared in addition to the number of faves.

And it looks like a mashup of Google+ and Facebook.

... so.

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Interesting 'comparison' 
Most shared Super Bowl articles on social networks is revealing
Looking at the most shared articles this week about the Super Bowl it seems that viral content articles don't easily cross social networks.

For example,  an article on the Axe ad was liked 110,000 times on Facebook but hardly at all on Google+, whereas an article on the 'full house' teaser ad was shared 36,000 times on Google+ and only 36 times on Facebook. (see image or link for details

Clearly there is a focus by agencies and companies on specific networks but I would have expected a little more crossover, any thoughts?

(The most shared articles are from BuzzSumo's free social search tool.)

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Happy Australia Day Everyone!

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The drive home, Mornington Peninsula. 
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