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The time I spend yesterday getting the runaround from Facebook creationists was actually time well spent. I ended up discovering a very cool paper showing how our evolution from apes is encoded in our chromosomes. Here's my report:
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Very interesting! One minor suggestion---add the word "other" in this sentence:

Scientists have observed both humans and other mammals with fused chromosomes.
lol creationism. Lol 5000 year old Earth.

Get real!
Somehow i don't see how this creature descended from tetrapods ;) We need transitional fossils!!!
Dr. Zimmer, Do you  have research, ideas, comments or notes about the evolution of the learning process? Specifically about adaptation to the environment?
I don't mean the point of view of the psychology about learning as adaptation, that's fine, but I mean a deeper point of view. I want to understand how the learning process can be related with adaptation to the enviroment as an evolutionary need. I used to believe that learning permitted adaptation, but from the biology point of view, this does not make sense since prions, virus and plants adapt to the environment, but do they learn? Sebastian Seung (I don't know him personally, but I emailed him) shared a theory from the past century, but I wonder if there is more to it?
Tomatoes have 24 too, I think that's where we came from.
we didn't evolve from the chimp, as some people want you to think, we have a common ancenstor
Pretty cool is that from narnia
Cool! I remember some "creationist scientists" who came to Carleton University in Ottawa. I believed them to be wrong, as there was much more "for" evidence, and no "against" evidence - just gaps of knowledge that had yet to be discovered.

This was one such gap that they talked about, how was it possible for a creature to gain or lose chromosones. I didn't have the answer, but they posed the lack of an answer as proof of an inconsistency. I appreciated seeing where the limits of our understanding were at, but they were just limits - not proof.

I'm very happy to see this explanation. Next time this is presented as "fact" to me, I'll be able to reference something that shows our current knowledge base.
Two rib cages? Is there two of any other organs?
I read half way through then my face went all scott Pilgrim... "this is.. This is... This is... BOOOORRRING...."
I replied via email I may have aimed the comment at the wrong guy there.
Yeah think someone aimed there comment at me... I can't help if i got bored reading this... What does it matter weather your Atheist or Christian either way we are all here.. How long will people fight over the idea of where we come from... When do we focus on where we are all going? Just a thought and im still. Boooorrreddddd
Is where we came from more important than where we are going?

Ben k
hahaha so funny after years and years of EVIDENCE all over the world people don't know where we come from knowledge will send you free. to know where we come from you need to be open minded and learn as much as you can
this proves absolutely ZERO.... i still think white man came from another planet
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