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I was on the National Public Radio show Fresh Air today, talking about all things microscopic: microbes that make us healthy, microbes that make us sick, and new ideas about making a penicillin-like broad-spectrum drug to kill any virus. You can listen at the link below.

As the show mentioned, A Planet of Viruses is coming out in paperback this month:
Researchers want to create a widely effective drug that targets viruses much in the same way that penicillin kills a wide range of bacteria. Science writer Carl Zimmer profiles the scientists who are ...
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This is fantastic stuff. I just happened to catch the show on my lunch break and was quite enlightened by the time I finished my taco bell. Well done, thanks.
I heard it, and said to no one in particular "Hey, that's the guy who wrote me up in Discover magazine."
I just listened to it the other day - really enjoyed the fecal transplant story. The interactions between us and our gut flora really interest me. I assume you've read the following story on helminths reversing ulcerative colitis? One of my favorites:
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