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This month the ebook edition of my book A Planet of Viruses is available for FREE. (It is an Adobe edition, not a Kindle. Details at the link below)
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Why not a common format such as ePub (or even gasp mobi)?
+Rob Warren Agreed, that would be better. Maybe one day DRM free will be more prevalent.
Carl, I really do appreciate when excellent authors such as you make their work available for no cost. However, my device only reads open formats like PDF or ePub.
I would rather pay to get the book in a DRM-free eformat. Really.

DRM is not about piracy. It is about control.
I'm fine with DRM if it allows me to read on my mobile devices, and Adobe Editions doesn't offer anything for iPad. I'll browse this but reading on a computer is not fun.
+Roy Walter For those with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc), Bluefire reader app will work with Adobe DRM. (That's how I was able to transfer all my Sony Reader book to my iPad and still read them.)
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