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Ezt az emberek úgy élik meg a hétköznapjaikban, hogy amikor bekerül egy új közösségbe,: bölcsödébe, iskolába, új munkahelyre, más földrajzi területre, akkor 1-2 hétig beteg.Nem nagyon csak rossz közérzete, ,stb. Amig "megszokja a környezetét".

This is the everyday lives of the people you live with that when it enters a new community;: a crèche, school, new jobs, in other geographical areas, it is only 1-2 weeks beteg.Nem very bad general condition, etc.. While "get used to the environment."
It's probably a good job that we don't have general purpose antivirals to abuse yet; since we only just seem to be understanding the viral and bacterial ecosystem.
Wow! so many viruses living in our saliva. What kind of viruses are they? If those are dangerous ones people will always get sick.
One ammendament: the viruses do not "live" in our saliva, since viruses are not forms of life; they are DNA code or RNA code! They do not breath, or eat, they are not even cells, only code, that is injected in our cells nucleus and rewrite the cell's code. The similarity between biological viruses and computer viruses is higher than many people realise.
viruses live in my mouth the same way forks live in my kitchen drawer. well, if viruses were neatly stacked alongside my tongue and teeth and forks poked holes in spoons, thereby aiding in their diversity...
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