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Okay, enough about Jon Stewart! Over the weekend, I spoke on Irish radio about the evolution of friendship in animals and people. Check it out on the link below. Click on the 2/18 episode. I start chatting at about 35:30.
Podcasts | News from Newstalk - Ireland's National Independent Talk Radio Broadcaster
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I assume the chemical you were talking about was oxytocin? I haven't read your TIME piece yet (sorry), but this helpful chemical that slows heart rate in the horses...similar to the benefit (for mom) when breastfeeding? ...and friends do extend the life for humans. Why not animals--thanks for writing/talking.
+CM Doran Oxytocin is important for social relationships. In my article, I look at a stress hormone, glucocorticoid, which changes levels when monkeys are with friends.
Okay, now I read your article...well's obvious to me that Mr. Stewart didn't read the article...did the art editors at TIME? there were dogs on the cover, and you write how the friendships seen in primates, horses, and dolphins has not been detected between dogs...hmmm....never judge a book by it's cover, so to speak. As usual, your writing gets to the "heart" of the matter--thanks for writing.
Thanks--after all the epiphenomena about television and blogs and artwork disperses like a fog, what makes me like this job is that people get something out of READING my stories.
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