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High quality home ready to move into no expense spared.

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What is a sales strategy?
▪ A sales strategy sets out in detail how you will get your product or service in front of people who need it. Looking at it strategically will give you a comprehensive, methodical approach to ensuring you marketing your business correctly and you are approaching the right clients.
▪ A sales strategy can be based on your business and marketing plans. It looks at how you will deliver objectives set out in your marketing plan, as well as how you have chosen to segment your target market and how you will fund you marketing activities.
▪ A sales strategy is not the same as a marketing strategy. Whereas marketing is about getting your name out there and tempting new customers or rekindling interest in your business, a sales strategy is more about how you close the deal.
▪ In order to build a comprehensive strategy for your entire business, you will need to sit down and come up with a different sales strategy for each of your product lines. While they may all end up looking very similar, but it's important to be aware of subtle differences between your products and the customers who pay for them.

What should a marketing strategy achieve?
▪ Your strategy will depend on where you want your business to go - it forms part of your overall business aims.
▪ The following are examples of what your overall business aim might be, and marketing strategies that you could use to achieve it:
Increase sales
Bring in new customers
Get existing customers to buy more
Introduce a new product or service
Increase market share
Better establish your brand
Improve customer loyalty
Launch an advertising campaign
Launch a PR campaign
Encourage word of mouth
Increase market share
Retain existing profitable customers
Make customers feel more valued
Offer existing customers exclusive offers
Ensure business stays fresh and new

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New York City Skyline - Summer

Hazy evenings are when 

the city’s dreams

hang over its rooftops

like an intricate web.

And as the city wakes 

to a night full of promises,

its dreams exhale

on the breath of

the day

like smoke

or too many 

heart-filled wishes

clinging to the trailed-off

ends of lover’s phrases.


(Photo and poem are in my best-selling NYC photography book. Info here:


#newyorkcity #nyc #skyline #cityscape #city #urban #architecture #summer #weather #evening #beautiful #pretty #manhattan

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A Sales Director with passion, an upbeat personality and strong commercial / strategic intellect. A leading professional from grass roots to the board room, developing business, brands and networks, in particular the energy market. A dedicated, hardworking sales professional, technically minded with a hands on "can do" attitude. Operational experience of leading large scale contracts. A track record of success in supporting a major business contract from conception to completion and commercially aware, i thrive on success.  sound financial, contractual, commercial and technical knowledge and be able to communicate effectively both internally and externally to influence senior decision makers. 

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