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Carl Rauscher
Fiction Writer and Part-Time Futurist
Fiction Writer and Part-Time Futurist

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Researching at the U.S. National Archives and look what I found!

Meet Matthew Henson, who went to the North Pole with Admiral Peary in 1909. Funny that he didn't come up in my HS history class...
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Ludum Dare is a go! Theme for this year is "a small world" and I'm thinking a small interactive fiction piece in Twine might do quite nicely for this non-artist.

Look me up if you're jamming too -- "Carl-rauscher"
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In the time-honored tradition of copying others, here is my list of movies:

Most Hated Movie Of All Time: Highlander II
Movie I Think Is Overrated: Titanic
Movie I Think Is Underrated: Labyrinth
Movie I Love: Now You See Me
Movie I Secretly Love: Fifth Element
Favourite Action Movie: Bloodsport
Favourite Drama: And the Band Played On
Favourite Western: Quigley Down Under
Favourite Horror: The Thing
Favourite Comedy: In and Out
Favourite Disney Movie: Up
Favourite Science Fiction Movie: Bladerunner
Favourite Animated Movie: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Favourite Superhero Movie: Hancock
Favourite Musical: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog
Favourite Bad Movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Childhood Favourite: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Favourite Franchise: James Bond, but mostly the Sean Connery ones
Best Trilogy: Iron Man
Guilty Pleasure: The Cutting Edge (“Toepick…”)
Favourite Director: Robert Zemekis
Favourite Actor: Michael Caine
Favourite Actress: Amy Adams
Favourite Movie Of All Time: Barbarosa (with Willy Nelson and Gary Busey)
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Things I should have learned by now, presented in thirty seconds or less.
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Funnier than it should be.
With dear gratitude to Chadling for this.
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Hey, I don't make the rules -- I just report them.
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Have you made your Christmas list yet? My list is fairly short this year -- all I ask is for each of you to give my friends a moment of your time and perhaps even share their story with others. Let them know that they are not alone this holiday season.
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Better check Starbucks next, Indy...
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Flames licked the walls and spread quickly through the thatched roof of the hut. Ellis gathered up the few items he could and tossed them into a sack, eager for any activity to distract him from the horrific sight of his master's body surrounded by writhing tentacles from the cistern outside.

"Goodbye," he whispered to the only place he'd ever called home and the young apprentice opened the locked doorway where his mentor had forbade him to go.

(Roll for what happens next...)
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