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Carl Nordell
Creative strategist busy changing the world.
Creative strategist busy changing the world.

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Hey guys!

I'm looking for more cultural spaces which hold interesting events.

I'm talking about places like Mindpirates in Kreutzberg who host interesting movie screenings three times per week, Edelweiß in Görlitzer Park who hosts jazz nights every tuesday and so on... Any tips?

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Feelin' grumpy.

I just split up a really big imposing brief into three smaller briefs. It's much more easy to overview and handle now. This one I'll use again.

Check out my 'folio at

What better place to find a #job than #google+?

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Google Drive has launched! A bit of competition is always great and maybe finally DropBox will lower the price of their service, that I'm already paying for.

So far I don't see a reason to switch from dropbox, but some functions are nice, such as being able to search through all your images. Nice!

I don't understand how people think ios and android gaming is threatening handheld gaming. Cause mobile phone gaming is sooo fucking bad... It's good for a bathroom break but nothing more.

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