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Is there any way to sync Groove/OneDrive playlists?

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Hey guys! Lots of comments here I just want to repeat what I wrote on FB last night to address some comments about our campaign: 

1) Geek and Sundry (and Tabletop) up until now was funded by YouTube's original channel initiative, which is not continuing to go forward anymore. We have been talking to a bunch of partners and are excited about some of our options to continue G&S as a company, but Wil (and we) were passionate about being able to keep Tabletop on schedule to release more episodes this year, and stay independent of influence to change the show for sponsor/commercial reasons. That is why we are fundraising like this.

2) This show is a standout for a reason: We pay professional people to make it. It's polished and stands next to TV show quality because we wanted to make something long-lasting, and impact in a big way, like a TV show when we conceived it. To put it in perspective: The average 30 second commercial you see on TV? Costs 1-3 million dollars. EACH. The average 1/2 hour comedy? 2-3 million dollars. Shows like Game of Thrones? 7-9 million dollars. PER EPISODE.

We are doing a minimum of fifteen, 30 minute shows for a fraction of ONE TV SHOW. If you put it in that perspective, we are definitely not paying people professional rates to work on it. I do a lot of low budget web videos here (to help subsidize shows like Tabletop, actually), and I think the ones that last beyond that moment of consumption are the ones that have budgets, that people tend to enjoy over and over. My goal always has been to show the established TV world that people can work outside the system and compete with their business, Tabletop is our best example of that, just like The Guild before us. We are doing this show for the minimum we can do it and keep up what we have established before us, I promise.

3) You do not have to donate, we appreciate it so much if you choose to do so, and understand if you don't. It will still be free and watchable by you if we make our fundraising goal on YouTube. If anyone has any other questions I'll check this thread back to answer more. Until then, thank you and play more games!

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:( I do love a good cup of coffee, but I have been killing rainforests by drinking it

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Who do you think should be on Tabletop?  I would love to see Nathan Fillion and Matt Smith.  They seem to be pretty good friends, so if you can get one, hopefully you will be able to get both.

Win a free copy of #Takenoko by SHARING this post and commenting to tell us who you want to see on #TableTop!

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I didn't realise how horrible Apple were until I looked into why #boycottapple is trending
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