The Edge's Annual Question for 2013 is, What Should We Be Worried About?

The responses this year are voluminous, but as in past years I've read them all in order to present the best of them:

Eric Weinstein
tags: overspecialization,

Anton Zeilinger
Losing Completeness
tags: overspecialization,

John Tooby
Unfriendly Physics, Monsters From The Id, And Self-Organizing Collective Delusions
tags: existential threats, overspecialization,

Ursula Martin
Close Observation And Description
tags: dematerialization,

Dave Winer
Does The Human Species Have The Will To Survive?
tags: zeitgeist, manifest destiny,

Kevin Kelly
The Underpopulation Bomb
tags: underpopulation,

Paul Kedrosky
History And Contingency
tags: path dependence,

Sam Harris
The Power Of Bad Incentives
tags: mechanism design,

Dylan Evans
tags: mechanism design,

Andrew Lih
Is The New Public Sphere... Public?
tags: intellectual property,

Azra Raza
The Role Of Microorganisms In Cancer Is Being Ignored By The Current Sequencing Strategies
tags: R&D allocation, medicine,

Steve Giddings
Crisis At The Foundations Of Physics
tags: theoretical physics,
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