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Six Guns & Sorcery Audio Drama (someday web-series?)

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This project still has no name, but I wanted to share the logline and initial characters to see what interest there is from those in my circles. I've shared some before. This is a bit of an open-call for collaborators, voice actors, artists, and musicians.

Following the cold trail of a known criminal, a stubborn bounty hunter falls through the crumbling roof of an ancient temple of a forgotten god, buried by a culture that vanished centuries ago. His legs broken, his horse dead, a fragile voice in the stale darkness offers him a deal for freedom, which he accepts. He heads back into the wilds in search of his quarry with a second shadow trailing behind him.

He finally captures the criminal, and that night by the campfire, she tells him a legend which reveals the true nature of his pact. She alone knows the means to remove his curse. He also discovers that his actions in the temple have awakened vile creatures that now terrorize the land. He must ally himself with the criminal before the savage and unnatural beasts destroy the locals and the scheming shadow can manifest and walk the Earth again.

Below are the major characters, and there will be a mentor figure as well. Additionally there will be extras. The main characters each have their own background and motivations which I'll share as we go along.

Protagonist: Levi Stone has a strong sense of justice and an overwhelming need to see it delivered. Justice may not necessarily coincide with the law of the land, but his own personal code.

B-Story: Jessica ‘Jesse’ Rhodes. She killed her husband after a typical night’s rough treatment. This probably would have gone unnoticed in these brutal lands hadn’t the man been the son of a wealthy railroad baron.

Ally: Samuel T. Haggard. A well-traveled, battle-hardened, whiskey-drinking, gruff but loyal companion. Envision a Rough Rider from the late 1800’s.

Personally, I'd love to do this as a web series since I have access to some good video recording/editing technology, but I'm not sure if it could be done. For now, the pilot may be an audio-only version. I have plenty of pro lighting, iMac's with Final Cut Pro and a Lumix GH2 with mounted H4N audio recorder allowing me to use shotgun mics to capture audio. Anyway, I digress.

If any of you would like to collaborate or contribute in some manner (or know someone who would) share this with them.

I can do most of the SFX in-house, but someone to create the music would be awesome. I have an acoustic guitar, but my skills are sub-par.
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I'd love to help out! This sound awesome!
Is this the project where you were looking for voice actors?

I'ld love to help out! My headset is OK, but I don't have a professional mic. :/
This is 'that' project. =)

As of now, I'm not sure how the remote recording of various artists is going to work. Technically, I know it's possible. The challenge is getting each voice to sound as if it was recorded in the same room.

Using portable sound booths (which I've made for about $40) is a start. Also, having the same microphone (or similar in capabilities) is the next step.

It may come down to doing a Kickstarter to get the needed funds to equip the actors with the mics needed. The mic I'm using is a usb model which runs about $150.

But that's all part of this process.
I love this illustration, by the way.
Thanks +Sophie Lagace ! I left room for the title of the drama, whatever it may become. I have an old Western font ready to use.
This looks really cool, and I love giving my NPCs distinct voices. You might be better off looking into audio editing software rather than worrying about the microphones. I bet there are reasonable options that would smooth out the differences in the different mics.
This sounds very very cool.  Let me know how I can help make it happen!
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