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Is it just me, or are FAR TOO MANY SITES incorporating FACEBOOK comments instead of using their own. What is the purpose of that? I block FB buttons and such and can't read associated comments. Generally, I dislike FB. Why would a website want to force me to use it? By association, it makes me dislike them. Did you know that, a site for Google Hangouts apps (!) uses FB comments? What a joke. Grrrrrr. That's all.
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Totally understand your frustrations, and I'd feel the same way too, but, for me with some posts it's all about reaching as many people as possible - and, for now, you just can't argue with the numbers.

I post about my presence on G+ at least twice a week on 'other social media sites' (vague enough for you? ;) ) but, while Google+ is finally starting to see some traction on a global scale, there are still too many of my family and friends who are, for want of a better word, settled.

I also have some issues with Google+ in terms of spreading the word beyond its own ecosystem, which would help with letting people know I'm here and some of the stuff I write, especially on mobile platforms. I'm trying my best to leave my laptop behind and just use the mobile app, while posting full content here but I'd like to link to it outside G+ - and you just can't do that without using a browser. And even then, it gets a bit fiddly which is the last thing I need.

Still some hurdles - look at the adoption speed, however. It's getting there, slowly but surely. Here's to finally educating everyone and getting them on board...
I'm not averse to posting in multiple places at all. I do it myself. It's going to a news site, for example ( and discovering their comments are Facebook based. I'm not sire how it works, as the comments on the actual page never match the number of comments on their matching FB post about a news item. I just know that I can't see them or participate in the discussion because loading FB buttons and leads and paths and all of their little tentacles drags my surfing experience down, so I've blocked them. The only time I can see FB is when I choose to go intk it. And I like it that way. But if a site I'm using the FB comment system on my page - they,re forcing me to use FB and yuck.

As for this place. Argh. I complain as much as I can about changes. Such as....changing Picasaweb once you have a G+ account. Now I can no longer share an individual photo with a board or my own blog etc.? Just because they want me to sahre the enture album via G+? Total BS. And unnecessary. There's no reason I can't single out a photo other han Google's greed. So I'll open a stupid account elsewhere and transfer all my photos. More money for other groups and Google stabs themselves in the foot. :-) Please excuse typos...I just typed this on my cell phone...
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