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Just my two cents and comparison of +BBC America shows #Copper   and the upcoming Ripper Street. Should you watch both?
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I tried, but couldn't get into Copper.  I was hoping Ripper Street would be more to my liking.  For some reason, Copper just always seemed like I was watching a show filmed on a sound stage; it never felt "real."
Hey! It was filmed on a stage! ;-) England does have the benefit of real history to use, but I don't know where Ripper Street if filmed. Definitely watch it. You'll like it. It's good, compelling and has great acting. I'm just not sure there's room for both. But, I also don't watch all the NCIS shows or Law and Orders, etc. Even saying that, I don't plan on stopping Ripper Street just because it's similar, but I won't be surprised when the comparisons arise.
LOL  I know it is, but I still get a sense of being back in time in real places when I see something like "Boardwalk Empire" and "Game of Thrones." "Copper" was just too stage bound for me to get into.  And I'm more into the whole Jack the Ripper mythlogy anyway, so I am looking forward to the new show.
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