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July 26, 2011
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Here we go! I have been waiting over a year to go to this concert.
You went to this!?!?!?! How was it?
It was incredible! Did u see the video I posted? How r u?
Yeah, I saw your video! Another good friend of mine was there (who has seen U2 18 times) and said it was one of the best concerts he's been to.

I am good! How are you feeling? Are you up for hanging sometime next week?
Yes! I would love to connect next week. I'm doing well.
It was a great concert and I am fortunate to have seen them at this show. They were phenominal and put on a great show. I love Bono!
Let me know what day works for you and we'll coordinate our schedules for next week.
Hey...just noticed something...I think I recognize those little fingers in your profile picture!!!!! :-)
GOOD POINT! Maybe later! :-) HEY--Googling (is that a word) while driving is VERY bad too!!!!!!!
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