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Universal Constants, Variations, and Identities
#1 Awareness is primary and fundamental. (Substrate)
#2 All awareness is non-dual unless it is dual. (Duality)
#3 There is no inside without an outside nor outside without an inside. (Interiority/Exteriority)
#4 Duality is bounded, non-duality is boundless. (Boundary)
#5 Boundaries arise in a spectrum from diffuse to concise. (Crossing)

#6 Reality is composed of whole parts. (Holons)

#7 pi is the identity of periodicity. (Periodicity)
#8 e is the identity of change. (Change)
#9 phi is the identity of proportion. (Proportion)

#10 All holons have at least four fundamental capacities. (Potential)

#11 Observation is communication between its participants (observer and observed). (Reference)

#12 The ends are determined by their means. (Integrity of purpose)

#13 Knowledge is what awareness does. (Knowledge)

#14 Singular and plural arise together. (Singular/Plural)

#15 Time is a temporally linear form of change that is not limited by dimension. (Change/Time)

#16 Creation and discovery compliment each other and are the means in which the Universe fundamentally unfolds and enfolds itself (Creation/Discovery)

#17 Interiority and Exteriority arise together. (Representation)

#18 Dimension is a spectrum or domain of awareness: they essentially build an additional point of view or perspective. (Dimension)

[More are coming soon in new posts...
See the comments in this thread for links to the others or check my stream.]
A few of those who have circled me have been asking for more information about my work. Towards that end, I'm going to start publishing my growing list of universal constants and variances. It is these constants and variances that form the foundation of my work.

There are about as many of them as there are stars in our universe (if you count the primary and derived together), so I don't think I'll run out of them! Most of them are self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the appropriate thread. The numerical ordering is not yet important, as I'm still collecting and collating them as I discover them.

I have no tolerance for trolling or people who abuse others in my circles; especially on these threads about the constants and variances! So if you plan to wreak havoc here, you'll get bumped real fast. I don't mind criticism or sceptical opinions at all, but please be civil with everyone (including me).

See for more information.

#Knowledge #Wisdom #Understanding #Learning #Insight #Constants #Variances #Metaphysics #Philosophy #Mathesis #Scientia #Philosophia #Logica   #Universalis #MathesisUniversalis
#ScientiaUniversalis #PhilosophiaUniversalis #LogicaUniversalis #Metamathematics #MetaLogic #MetaScience #MetaPhilosophy #MetaphysicaUniversalis #MetaphysicaGeneralis  
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Marine Le Pen wants to thank you all for your support on social media.

We will win!

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What Are the Sources of Knowledge?
They cannot be counted nor comprehensively known.

Knowledge doesn’t have a source. It arises out of awareness.

That means knowledge will be found wherever you place your awareness.

It’s like the fake meme formed by the question: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

This false dichotomy diverts the astute observer away from the fact that BOTH arose together. Hence, the apparent contradiction is a canard.

#Knowledge #Wisdom #Insight #Learning #Understanding
#MathesisUniversalis #MathesisGeneralis #PhilosophiaUniversalis #PhilosophiaGeneralis

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A Message to the French Women
This short and emotional video is a Must See.

France, we stand with you and for all of the mothers of the world!

#Knowledge #Wisdom #Insight #Learning #Understanding
#Awaken #WakeUp #ConnectTheDots #Liberty #Freedom #Sovereignty #Posterity #RealWomensRights

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I'm So Proud To Be a Member of Gab.AI

Finally an alternative to YouTube!!! The serpents at YouTube are eating their own tails by crushing the incomes of those who think differently than they want to allow. The control freaks have gone too far in fighting free speech and now they'll pay for it dearly if this gets going well.

Freedom of Speech is being placed firmly into #SocialMedia

Join now!

#Freedom #Sovereignty #Liberty
#Knowledge #Wisdom #Insight #Learning #Understanding

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Intuition - What is it?
Intuition is a sense which sentient beings possess, in varying degrees of acuity, that allows them be aware of some entity in a way which precedes knowledge. Intuition is a perception of directed awareness.

#Knowledge #Wisdom #Insight #Learning #Understanding
#MathesisUniversalis #MathesisGeneralis
#PhilosophiaUniversalis #PhilosophicaGeneralis

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+Stefan Molyneux - Undoing Atheism?
+Stefan Molyneux engages two budding philosophers who are building a an analysis for #atheism with respect to Stefan's work. Here is their conversation in brief (my comments on them follows):

"We started delving into your work. When covering your arguments regarding Atheism, we found issues with parts of your logic. We have built an argument which we hope clearly establishes a framework which highlights a distinction between ‘that which we can relate to’ and ‘that which is unrelatable.’ In the light of this distinction, the contradictions of your arguments are manifest. Below you will find our argument, your arguments, our understanding of your argument, and a succinct articulation of the contradiction. We are very interested to start a dialogue in the hopes of contributing to the general progression of philosophy as a whole."

“Relation vs Non-Relation Argument :
1) Truth is derived from necessity.
2) Necessity is coherent.
3) Coherence is meaning.
4) Meaning is knowledge.
5) We can know something to be true if and only if it is necessarily true.
6) Humans relate to that which is discrete.
7) Humans faculties can directly process and derive meaning from that which is discrete.
8) Humans have direct access to true knowledge about that which they can relate utilizing their faculties.
9) That which is not discrete, humans can not relate.
10) Truth is not contingent upon relatability.
11) Humans can abstract about that which they cannot relate.
12) Humans have indirect access to true knowledge about that which they cannot relate utilizing necessary truths about abstractions.”

People who follow me and know my work can recognise much in the way of confusion embedded in these 12 'definitions'. It reminds me of the time when we were sold the idea (although the truth was known for more than a thousand years [Eratosthenes]) that the Earth was flat. These 12 'definitions' reveal how provincial the current understanding of philosophy is... just as in the day when the world was supposed to be flat.

Here's what I wrote as a comment to the video (which is not available to everyone for some reason...). I have, up to this point, no response to my comment:

-------------------- o --------------------
We would move much farther if we would replace 'relativity' with 'relational'. Relationality precedes relativity. It seems all of those involved know this, but discuss this subject without stating it and consistently observing it.

Stefan, the mathematics/logic of these two astute minds must also be put into question, because modern mathematics/logic have outdated the version of mathematics/logic your conversation partners have chosen to base their framework on. Even the concept of infinity is being replaced by other constructs. The ideas of a limit, sequence, convergence,... are all being questioned at a most fundamental level.

Another important point is that nothing can be known without reference to its contraposition. Every definition MUST include (even implicitly) at least one referent. This has nothing to do with opposition! Opposites are a different 'animal' and lie even deeper/nearer to an idea than a contrapositional relation. I'll give you an example using yours. The opposite of a giraffe is included in everything that is not a giraffe, whilst the size of a being (giraffe) forms a contraposition which that (e.g. human) which is used to relate the concept of size.

I haven't yet read your work, but I will when I get my project done. Nevertheless I sense you are aware of these essential distinctions.

Boundary logic has its limitations, but it exposes these distinctions quite nicely.

There is another issue you might want to look at: your definition of knowledge.
------------------ o ------------------

I will be adding to this post as time allows. I will be sure to include a comment to signal a change to this post. Each of the 12 'definitions' will be discussed.

#Knowledge #Wisdom #Insight #Learning #Understanding #Philosophy #PhilosophyOfLanguage #Mathematics #MetaMathematics #MetaPhilosophy #Metaphysics #Reductionism #Materialism #BoundaryLogic
#MathesisUniversalis #MathesisGeneralis #PhilosophiaUniversalis #PhilosophiaGeneralis #MetaphysicaUniversalis #MetaphysicaGeneralis #LogicaUniversalis #LogicaGeneralis #ScientiaUniversalis #ScientiaGeneralis #CharacteristicaUniversalis #CharacteristicaGeneralis

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Lord Monckton - Patriot
A known UKIP member (Nigel Farage's political party) is not only feared by the EU Parliament, he is also feared by Al Gore and his religion of Climate Change.

'Global Cooling' (1970's early 1980's) transformed itself into 'Global Warming' during the 1980's. 'Global Warming' then in 2010 (Bilderberg Group Summit 2010 in Spain) became Climate Change. Now, no matter which 'religion' you subscribe to, you're covered! These all are different names for a scam called Artificial Scarcity.

#ArtificialScarcity scams are created to engender a false perception of scarcity or danger where there is none. As I have said many times in the past:
We do NOT suffer from a lack of resources; rather, from the hoarding of them.

The scarcity myths are means to create governance that taxes and controls humanity; a way by which the force and direction of humanity can be 'owned' by a few 'priests' of the new 'religion' that science and technology have become.

This 12th ICCC (International Conference on Climate Change) March 23rd and 24th, 2017 in Washington D.C. is where Lord Monckton strikes again!
This technical talk on the mathematical problems of the IPCC's climate sensitivity prove that the whole 'science' (#psyence) around climate change is a hoax.

It gets quite technical and mathematical, so be prepared.
#GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #Fraud #Banksters #Science #ICCC #IPCC
#Knowledge #Wisdom #Insight #Learning #Understanding #Liberty #Sovereignty #Freedom

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Atheists Think Everything Is Fine
Nigel knows better:

A woman, Eilene, who called in at around @02:30 in the video, says she is an atheist and believes she is a thinker. She also says she blames religion for most of the world's wars.

Is that a conclusion of a thinker?!?

No, because religions were the rulers in those times (even now) when wars about religion were (are) being waged! This is a problem with humanity itself, not with any particular religion.

God had nothing to do with the worst that humanity has done to itself throughout history; rather, it was the humans before us who made those things happen. Think about that... thinker.

Another thing: how does Eilene feel about the invasion of a new religion to her land?

#Knowledge #Wisdom #Insight #Learning #Understanding #Liberty #Sovereignty #Freedom #Awaken #WakeUp #ConnectTheDots
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