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Digital Marketing Specialist | Photographer


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Easter Blessings!

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To listen to interviews with fascinating St. Louisans, check out the podcasts on .

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March is where Winter and Spring Collide.
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#HowTo +Google Drive /
. Start here >
. Blog >
. Use Google Drive for work or school >
. Keep your files with you on any device using Google Drive >
. Produce and share quality creative assets with your agency using Google Drive >

Google Drive Guide >


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How To Bootstrap Fantastic Social Media For Small Business

Time is short for small business owners so managing your time on social media is crucial. Social media can turn in a huge time suck if you're not careful.

Using some smart social media tools can help but you'll still have to find or create content to share on your social media accounts.

Read it all here:

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Why email is the greatest social network ever (and how to make it the greatest)

(Read my column: )

People trash-talk email a lot these days. If you accept the conventional wisdom, email is old, bloated, full of spam and yesterday's way to communicate. Instead, we all have better alternatives like Slack, WhatsApp, Snapchat and a hundred others.

But this favoritism is misguided. Worse, email's bad reputation exists for one spectacularly bad reason.

Based on my own informal poll, and also scanning the web for email complaints, I've come to the conclusion that the anti-email animus stems from the fact that people lose control of their inboxes.

A bloated inbox makes us feel bad. But that’s not a good reason to hate it. It's a good reason to embrace the "zero inbox" movement, where you have nothing in your inbox at least once a day. And zero inbox has never been easier to achieve. If everyone could only solve that one problem, we could all enjoy the myriad benefits of the world's greatest social network.

So let's solve the problem right now and understand the awesome benefits of doing email right. I'm going to tell you exactly how to achieve zero inbox every day, and also review some of the fantastic new skills and abilities email has acquired in recent months.

#email #gmail #googleinbox
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Fantastic resource!

165+ (and growing) Google Tips #ScottTips

1. Text Editor:
2. Manage Autofill Entries:
3. Search Reminders in Chrome:

B. Google Contacts
1. Restore Lost Contacts:
2. Contacts Updated:
3. New Contacts: 1-Click Email:
4. New Contacts: Sorting:
5. New Contacts: Remove G+ Circles from All Contacts:
6. New Contacts: Manage G+ Circles:
7. New Contacts: Select All:
8. New Contacts: Group Emailing:
9. Contact Groups: Create from an Email:
10. Group Emailing:

1. Searching between two dates:
2. Undo Send:
3. Send Encrypted Mail:
4. Delete Single Message in Conversation View:
5. Deactivate Inbox Tabs:
6. Put a Plus in It:
7. Mute Messages:
8. Access Multiple Accounts From One Logon:
9. Search Gmail Using the Omnibox:
10. Search for Attachments:
11. Drag to Label:
12. App Specific Password:
13. Delete Gmail Account:
14. Exclude from Search:
15. Sort Gmail Oldest or Newest:
16. New Logon Process:
17. Select All:
18. Listen to Voicemail in Gmail:
19. View All Inbox Labels in Gmail:
20. Redirect Gmail to Inbox:
21. View Calendar in Gmail:
22. New PopUp Compose:
23. Multiple Label Searching:
24. Place Calls from Gmail:
25. Clear Search History:
26. Make Your Emails Fade Away:
27. Search and Print Hangouts Chats:
28. Gmail Android: Unsubscribe:
29. Block Sender:
30. Mixmax Full Email Productivity Suite:

1. Google Apps: Is it Down?:
2. Google Now: History View:
3. Customer Service:
4. Reverse Image Search:
5. How to Get Help:
6. About Me:
7. Search Within Communities:

1. Common Actions between Inbox and Gmail:
2. Signatures:
3. Searching between two dates:
4. Save to Google Drive:
5. Multiple Bundles:
6. Accessing Contacts:
7. Reminders:
8. Remove from SPAM:
9. Find Pending Reminders:
10. Resnooze Emails:
11. Third Party Apps:
12. Chrome Desktop Notifications:
13. Schedule Emails:
14. Mute Messages:
15. Delete:
16. Address Emails Like Sharing in G+:
17. Cancel Recurring Reminders:
18. Custom Snooze Times:
19. Search Inbox Using the Omnibox:
20. Repeating Reminders:
21. Hide Attachment Thumbnails:
22. Search for Attachments:
23. Rapid Delete:
24. How to Update Assists:
25. Placing Calls from Inbox:
26. Composing in Color:
27. Exclude from Search:
28. View All Mail:
29. Longer Notifications:
30. Do Not Disturb:
31. Turn off Trips:
32. Reminders As Tasks:
33. Control Mobile Notifications:
34. Check for New Mail:
35. Widgets:
36. View All Inbox Labels in Gmail:
37. Redirect Gmail to Inbox:
38. Answer Cards:
39. Send and Receive Non Gmail Accounts:
40. Stop Emailing Yourself, Really:
41. Empty Spam:
42. Clear Reminder Attached to Email:
43. Find Snoozed Email in a Bundle:
44. Multiple Bundle Searching:
45. Return to Inbox from Contacts:
46. Clear Search History:
47. Make Your Emails Fade Away:
48. Group Emailing:
49. Rich Text Formatting from Quick Reply:
50. Fix Conversation Threading and Trip Bundling:
51. Create Shortcut in Apps Launcher:
52. Copy/Paste Images:
53. Multiple Lines in Reminders:
54. Narrower Attachment Cards:
55. Mixmax Full Email Productivity Suite:
56. Custom Snooze Days:
57. Select Multiple:
58. Smart Replies:
59. ICS Attachment Smart Cards:
60. Set Inbox as Default Mail Program:
61. Share Trips:
62. Add to Trips:
63. Double Tap to Zoom:
64: Attachments:
65. Bundle Already Existing Emails:
66. Search Reminders in Chrome:

F. Keep
1. Reminders:
2. Repeating Reminders:
3. Remove Reminder:
4. Search Reminders in Chrome:

G. Google Now
1. Reminders:
2. Google Now: History View:
3. Now On Tap Screen Share:
4. Search Reminders in Chrome:

H. Google Calendar
1. Create Event from the Omnibox:
2. View Calender in Gmail:
3. Trash and Restore:
4. Add Week Numbers:
5. Search Reminders in Chrome:
6. Smart Event Suggestions:
7. Search Agenda in Chrome:

I. Project Fi
1. Signing up:
2. Transferring Your Phone Number:
3. How to Get Help:
4. Breaking Down the Bill:
5. Setting up Call Forwarding:
6. Check Call History:
7. Email Notifications of Voicemail:
8. Share Voicemails:
9. Data Usage Alerts:
10. Listen to Voicemail in Gmail:
11. Check Voicemail from Other Phones:
12. Custom Greetings:
13. Short Code Support Services:
14. What the Signal Symbols Mean:
15. Invite Tracking Tool:
16. Setting Up WiFi Hotspot:
17. Pay for What You Use:
18. Find/Lock/Wipe/Ring Lost Device:
19. Stop Telemarketing Calls:
20. Tips to Save on Data:
21. Manually Switch Carriers:
22. Call Blocking:
23. Download Voicemails:
24. NYC WiFi Hotspots:
25. Manage Greetings in App:
26. Send/Receive Emails via Text Message:
J. Hangouts
1. Search and Print Hangouts Chats:

Additional Resources
1. Gmail Community on G+:
2. Gmail Product Help Forum:
3. Inbox by Gmail: What's Missing:
4. Gmail/Inbox Tips Collection:
5. Project Fi Google Plus Collection:
6. Inbox by Gmail Product Help Forum:
7. Inbox by Gmail Community on G+:
8. Inbox Zero in Three Steps:

About Scott:

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Judy Ryan of Lifework Systems is an expert in Human Systems and a very gifted speaker and writer. She joined me for a Coffee with the Experts conversation and shared her techniques for producing consistent content.
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