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+1 if you think the Cardinals will repeat as World Series Champions in 2012!
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Always! This is going to be an AMAZING season!
12 in '12 is my motto this year!
Cardinals baseball Let's Go Crazy Folks
+Caroline Pursley Im also sad but I am glad they wont be paying all of that money when he is unproductive in his older years.
Not sure but they are going to look "different" out there. But I'm excited just the same! Go Cards!!!
that's what people said last year. +Jaun Daniel Ocasio
the one thing other than losing Pujols' production, is his leadership.
Tough NL Central, but if any of you remember, that is what everybody said last year, and I don't like people saying who's gonna win what, I think it's up to the players.
It's probably a bit of a long shot. But, I think it is possible. The team is still pretty solid. If Beltran and Berkman have good years they should help to cover the Pujols production deficit.
I can't wait for the season to start! GO CARDS!!
I'm #100! We're sure gonna miss TLR and Dave, though. :-(
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