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Congratulations to our ace, Adam Wainwright, on being named the starting pitcher for the National League at the 2014 All-Star Game! 
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Throw 2 innings. Kershaw 6. let's win this game
Throw 3 innings then Kershaw 3 innings then the young man from Washington 3 innings.  Just to many good pitchers this year available.
Congrats Waino!! I hope he gets the cy young award this year. Been runner up twice I believe. 
I agree with +David Fowler , wear out Kershaw more than Waino. Congrats to Adam though. 
Congratulations, Wainwright! Looking forward to watching the All-Star game even more now. 
Cue Dodgers fans whining in 3...2...1...
Way to go Waino! You deserve this start very much! Go out there and strike em all out tomorrow!
Its time for us to turn it on we all no its coming it will be there in September go cards
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