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Fundamentals Of Designing A Beautiful And Functional Kitchen

Understanding the fundamentals of designing a kitchen is not just important for your kitchen, but they're important for your whole house as well. Considering these fundamentals will make your kitchen designing easier and enjoyable;

When something feels off-balance, you may not be able to explain it and you know it just doesn't feel right. It often affects flow and symmetry. Appliances can be pretty heavy in a space. Even extra feature like a wine cabinet, they're not just there to look good, they're there because of the whole balance situation.
If you look at the homeowners' desires and their needs, but then you look at the actual layout of the kitchen, the location of them is not just for function but, it's also part of it for balance. When it comes to appliances, it's really important to find a way to make sure those big things don't takeover in the space. A good kitchen designer will look at where to put these things so they function well and so they also balance the relationship in the kitchen.


Symmetry is key. Symmetry means that you have a center point and you have equality on either side of it. A good example is a kitchen hood with equal cabinets on either side, even though the kitchen is not perfectly spaced out. It allows you to feel like there's balance because there's symmetry.

Focal Point

The focal point is the element in the room that you see when you walk in. Think of the money wall, where's that wall that you are investing in and you want people to really look at? This is the focal point and the thing that you want to look good no matter what. They'll make an immediate impression of the entire space based on it. A good thing to remember is not only does one focal point in the kitchen, there can sometimes be two or three. You want to think about that as you're laying out your kitchen.


Think about how big things are getting. A big area where people get challenged is the size of the island. How big should the island be, relative to the kitchen space? Appliances for instance, it would be ridiculous to put it in a 24-inch oven. It's very important that you define with your appliances initially about how much function do you need. If it turns out that you actually want a 24-inch appliance, then everything else has to scale accordingly.

Lighting And Painting

Installing appropriate light is essential for setting the mood and preparing the food. Research all the lighting options that match your personality and lifestyle.
Painting the kitchen can be extra challenging because you're dealing with restricted wall space. Thus, it’s vital to select your paint colors wisely since it's a room that provides a high visual impact. Hiring exterior and interior painters is a smart option to ensure your kitchen walls and cabinets paint job is performed properly.
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5 Practical Tips When Planning A Home Renovation

When you're planning to renovate a room in your home, you have a lot of small pieces to keep track of; time, costs, fixtures, materials and what needs to be done in what order. If you lose track of any of the master plan, even the simplest of the project, can spin out of control and that can get expensive.

Here are some tips to help you avoid getting overwhelmed and stay focused on the big picture:

Think Of The Future

When you're considering how you might use a room, try looking into the future. You expect that the size of your family to change anytime soon or you would be hosting a lot of guests? Your needs for a room today may not be your needs a few years from now. But by thinking ahead, you might be able to avoid having to remodel sometime soon.

Make A Master Plan

Make sure you keep track of all the little details. Create a spreadsheet that lists all the steps you need to complete the renovation. That way, you can easily track your progress. Make special note of the steps that need to be completed before other steps can get started so you're not spending time in the wrong steps.

Be Realistic With Your Expectations

When you're estimating how long a project is going to take, be honest with yourself. Your level of experience, the difficulty of the job, the number of steps and your enthusiasm for the project all affect how long it actually takes. While you might jump into it with total excitement, you might also be burned out after a few weeks or a few hours. When in doubt, double the amount of time you think it's going to take. That way, you won't feel rushed and if you finish ahead of schedule, you'll feel even better.

Schedule The Renovation

While you want to be realistic about your own work speed, you also need to be practical about the actual usage of the room you're remodeling. A home can usually afford to lose access to the kitchen as long as it doesn't lose access to the food. But your family really can't afford to lose access to the only bathroom for days on end because, no one wants to go out there. So if you can, stagger the remodel schedule so that the room isn't completely out of service. If you don't have a second bathroom, make sure the first bathroom is never not working.

Take Photos Of The Process

Your remodeled garage might not be as cute as your pets or your kids, but you should still take pictures every step of the way. There are two reasons for this; not only do you want to keep track of every step so you'll have a reference in case you ever need to do a job like this again. You also want to track the progress of any contractors, exterior and interior painters, electricians, etc. you're working with for the purposes of future recommendations as well as documenting that the work is being done to code and up to your own standards. That's how you can keep the details straight and focus on the big picture whether it's a DIY project or a full home remodel.
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9 Ways To Decorate A Rented Apartment

A lot of us get discouraged that we're renting because we don't own the place. But, do not allow that to stop you from decorating your place and enjoying where you live.

That being said, here are the top 9 things you can do to decorate your apartment;

Paint The Exterior And Interior

Painting is fabulous. With a little bit of effort and a little bit of time, you can really make a big impact in your space by painting the walls. Just make sure you have permission form your landlord before starting your project. If worse comes to worse, you can always just paint it back. Consider hiring professional exterior and interior painters if you don't have time to do the tedious preparation.

Make Edits To The Small Details

Like hardware for example. You can replace little hardware knobs and things like that, but make sure you hold on to the originals, put them in a safe place that you'll remember. That way, you can switch them back out before you go.

Print And Plan

Print and plan before you put holes in the wall. Buy a good printer, take a photo of the space using your phone and print it directly to your printer. You can draw on that actual photo where you want to put the curtains or art so you know exactly where you want it.

Buy A Good Rug

Buy an elegant rug to add dimension and really ground the space. Also, if you have floors or carpets that you hate, it's a great way to mask it if you can't change it.

Use A Bookcase

Use a bookcase to decorate your space and avoid damaging the walls. That way, you don't have to put a bunch of holes in the wall and you can still have some fun little accessories hanging, standing or leaning. No holes, no problem.

Accessorize Using Your Photos And Art Prints

Save money by accessorizing with your own photos and different art prints that you find online by printing them yourself. You can put them in some classy frames and then decorate your house with them. You can choose to change them by season or add different photo from special occasions or things that you can relish and enjoy those memories.

Invest With Right Furniture

Invest your money in things that you can take with you when you move such as shelves, dining room table, headboard, etc. Put your money in that because you can bring it to the next spot.

Use Removable Hooks

Use removable hooks to hang things like picture frames, clocks and wall arts to avoid damaging your walls or just commit to patching the holes before you leave.

Use Mirrors

Use mirrors wherever and whenever possible. Mirrors are great because you can hang them, you can lean them, you can bring them with you and most importantly, if you have small space, the mirror can make it look bigger and brighter.
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A layer of paint will protect your home. Painting takes care of cracked paint, mold and mildew, and water stains. And fresh paint could increase your home’s value. Cardinal Pro Painters is ready to transform your home.
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Getting the exterior of your home painted is like a doctor’s checkup. It can reveal issues like mold, mildew and rotting wood caused by weakened paint.

Let the team at Cardinal Pro Painters address any problems that are found while giving you a fresh new paint job that can prevent them from reappearing.
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#Modern #colors is the secret to boosting your #home’s #curbappeal. Check out this #house where we painted the #brick and vinyl siding all in gray to make it look bigger and more modern.
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What a difference some new exterior paint can make when proper prep work is done.
#painting #housepainting #residentialpainting
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Show some #love to your #garage by finishing and #painting the walls.
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Doing some #exteriorpainting of #shutters on this classy #brickhome in the #spring time. Notice how the shutters match the tree leaves. #exteriors #homedecor #remodeling #housepainting
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We're spray #painting some #kitchen #cabinets this week. Putting the first coat of primer before we re-sand to begin painting. These are getting the color "Pure White" by Sherwin Williams.
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