CarbonROM Moo (7.1.1) weeklies has started! You can check to see if your device is supported at the CarbonROM website:

It's been a long journey to this, and I think we owe you all an explanation on our long hiatus.

We've been here, but we just did not have many public releases through the last few major versions due to the lack of device maintainers, and we wanted our next release to cover more than two devices. That's why we've been lurking in the shadows for a bit, building up our team, and although we've seen people go, we will still be here, trying to make sure that we live up to the CarbonROM legacy.

We also currently have a poll going on to help us determine which features that you (our users) would like us to work on first! We are never done innovating, and incorporating new features:

Thank you, and Happy New Holidays!
- +Ryan Norris
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