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CarbonROM Moo (7.1.1) weeklies has started! You can check to see if your device is supported at the CarbonROM website: https://carbonrom.org/

It's been a long journey to this, and I think we owe you all an explanation on our long hiatus.

We've been here, but we just did not have many public releases through the last few major versions due to the lack of device maintainers, and we wanted our next release to cover more than two devices. That's why we've been lurking in the shadows for a bit, building up our team, and although we've seen people go, we will still be here, trying to make sure that we live up to the CarbonROM legacy.

We also currently have a poll going on to help us determine which features that you (our users) would like us to work on first! We are never done innovating, and incorporating new features: http://www.poll-maker.com/poll920430xcC1540A6-38

Thank you, and Happy New Holidays!
- +Ryan Norris
Get CarbonROM, an aftermarket OS based on Android OS.
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Awesome! Carbon was always my go to rom. And not that you guys are back I guess I'll have to root my 6p again and flash this bad boy.
+Darkened Lukman We are actively looking for maintainers, and I will try to see if I can find one who has that device and is willing to support it. :) - Ryan
Thank you all, and we're glad to be back. Thank you for sticking with us on this journey, and it's not over yet. 😀 - Ryan

Oops.. There are many less supported devices.. I miss those days when I am using carbon rom on my Nexus S (kitkat).. 🙁
+Ajdin Kuduzovic It's been a feature of internal discussion, not sure if we're going to offer that out of the gate. Might be a flashable zip later.
+Rushabh Gohel The reason for not supporting as many devices as we used to is the team has shrunk, drastically. As we grow again, we will gain more devices, of course :)
+Patrick Campanale​ if you are from dev team then let me tell you that currently I moved to OnePlus2 and would love try on my current device. Hope you can find someone who own this device and ready to maintain this as well. 
I would download the rom but I'm averaging only 150 kb/s on basketbuild.
Thank you I had this ROM on my One Plus One and absolutely loved it now have my 6P can't wait to try it on there now. 
Matt S
+BasketBuild​ didn't get this message. Thanks for the heads up +Ryan Norris​.

We are experiencing abnormally massive amounts of traffic today and looking at what needs to be done to resolve the slow downloads. Thank you all for reporting and for your patience! 
Good to see Carbon back. Am on bullhead and can test but haven't the skills or the time to develop sorry. Anything else (apart from cash ;) ) happy to help :) 
Havent seen u since the samsung galaxy 2 days. Wish oneplus x (onyx) is scheduled for release
This was my most favourite rom during my s2 usage. Hope there is a build for T-mobile Note 3
Kenzo plox ;-;
Loved carbon Rom on my previous iyokan & nozomi,Thanks for your gr8 work <3
Does anyone know how much free storage is required to compile carbonro?
+Matt S​ here's an easier question. What vendor image needs to be flashed to support the Nexus 6P Angler build? 
Are the current builds posted supporting substratum?
Is the previous maintainer for hammerhead still here?
Vit z
I am planning to have this ROM, how is the camera ?
Vit z
i am planning to have this ROM, how is the camera on z3?
+Vit z keep in mind its very early in the builds. I tried it. Its very early in the process.
+Anderson Velasco Unofficial builds are definitely okay, and if at any point someone wants to get their builds official supported by CarbonROM, just need the dev to email us at maintainers@carbonrom.org .
Anyone to support Oneplus one? Used the rom back on Nexus 4 and 5,used to love it.. 
+Vit z Just tested the rom on nexus 6p, camera works fine.... no issues at all till that...
+Dillon Pike though it's released as nightly, i didn't get any issue to report til that for a being a soft guy uses phone carefully, but never stops flashing new rom...
+Ajdin Kuduzovic The ROM is rocking full substratum theme support. All you need is root (getting rid of the root requirement soon, the Substratum team is actively working on that) and the substratum app from the PlayStore.
On that, you can install any theme you want, including Pixel themes.
That was the main reason we didn't go for the Pixel theme by default.
John C
The build for Nexus 6 hangs on formatting system when trying to flash
+John C did you verify that the Recovery you use is working fine? The system formatting shouldn't be a Carbon specific thing after all.
+John C It does not hang, it just takes a little ... I'm using it here without problems. :)
Sid Sun
I just posted about maintainership of Nexus 5X, please consider the request :) I've a booting build everything seems to work ;)
+Sid Sun You should have received an email from me (ryan@carbonrom.org) around 9AM EDT (-05:00 GMT)
I am done flashing it for Nexus 6p and also to help others with step by step procedure on flashing carbon ROM .,... Made the video for all...... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JlahTo4d-UU 

Please execuse me if am violated by posting video in comment..... 
plz redmi note 3pro Aka kenzo brother 😊😊😊
We need to dui and navbar tint, carbon is life 😚 thast all guys thank you 🤗
I have a One Plus One what would I have to do to maintain this device? I have missed you dearly since the kitkat days
oh how I miss CarbonRom (currently on VZW Galaxy S7 Edge)
Legendary CarbonROM :O Glad you're back. Have weeklies stopped already? :D
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