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As some may have noticed so far, our weeklies have been stopped for the past few weeks.
This has been caused by different reasons so far. We noticed some issues on AOSP devices after the CAF merge had happened, and eventually managed to trace it issue back to the CAF merge, as we merged the wrong CAF branch. We paused the weeklies and reworked all of our sources in order to fix those issues. During that, additional issues with our infrastructure came up, which is why we were not able to roll weeklies in the last 2 weeks.

As you noticed however, 7.1.2 dropped this week. Google did completely rework their device trees, 7.1.2 is not based on 7.1.1, instead its a complete rework on top of 6.0.0_r11. After reading the changelog, and seeing that Google fixed multiple things (along those are critical bugfixes for the Google Pixel for example) we decided to follow Google on that decision. This means, our weeklies will be halted for another week or two, which will allow us to completely rebase our sources on top of 7.1.2, and finally configure our infrastructure.
If you want to follow the rebase, the work-in-progress sources are located on and will be worked on daily.

Along with all those "bad" news however, we also have the ability to anounce something good.

Once the weeklies will roll again, new devices are going to join, as well as some big changes for some Sony Devices.

This includes but is not limited to:
[*] OnePlus One Weeklies
[*] OnePlus Two Weeklies
[*] Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Weeklies
[*] Xiaomi Redmi 1S Weeklies
[*] Xiaomi Mi 3 Weeklies
[*] Completely reworked devicetrees for the Xperia Z2, Z3 and Z3 Compact, based on the Stock kernel and the stock binarys (might come slightly later)

We hope that this sheds some light on our decisionmaking, and makes you understand why we did what we did. After all, we are glad how the Nougat release went so far, and were overwhelmed by the users that were staying with us from the KK/LP :)

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Good morning,

Our newest builds are up on! We also love bug reports. If you encounter any issues, please email them to and we will work them out as fast as we can.

+Ryan Norris 

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Good morning,

This weeks' builds will be released on Tuesday (EST/Go USA)

The reason for the delay is because we wanna include the OTA app, so that way, you guys won't have to keep going to to update your builds.

Cheers mate!

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We're glad to welcome the Nexus 5X (bullhead), Pixel XL (marlin), and the Sony Xperia Z2 to the CarbonROM lineup.

You can expect to see builds for them in the next weekly rollout.

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CarbonROM Moo (7.1.1) weeklies has started! You can check to see if your device is supported at the CarbonROM website:

It's been a long journey to this, and I think we owe you all an explanation on our long hiatus.

We've been here, but we just did not have many public releases through the last few major versions due to the lack of device maintainers, and we wanted our next release to cover more than two devices. That's why we've been lurking in the shadows for a bit, building up our team, and although we've seen people go, we will still be here, trying to make sure that we live up to the CarbonROM legacy.

We also currently have a poll going on to help us determine which features that you (our users) would like us to work on first! We are never done innovating, and incorporating new features:

Thank you, and Happy New Holidays!
- +Ryan Norris

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We've not been too active lately, but there are some awesome things (that you could very well be running Carbon on) in this giveaway :)
Don't forget about our giveaway! Today is your last day to enter!

Are you a graphic designer?
We need you! That's right. Carbon is looking to bring on a few new designers to help with the 'mallow overhaul! Sadly, this is not a paying position... But, you'll get to join an awesome team who's got some SICK things planned for 2016!

Hit up +Patrick Campanale if you're interested! You can comment here, hit him up on Hangouts, or drop an email to for more information! 

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