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I was very honored to host presidential candidate +Gary Johnson while he was in Minnesota on Thursday. If you haven't heard about him, you may want to take a look.
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I fail to understand people that "agree" with the views of a 3rd party but will not vote for their candidates because they will "waste" their vote. I think their vote is "wasted" when they hold their nose and vote for someone that might win instead of someone that represents their beliefs.
With an approval rating for Congress, which I would argue actually means an approval rating for our 2 major parties, at 11% - I think there are a who lotta people who need to stop holding their nose when they vote. Otherwise we keep encouraging our two major parties to not listen to the average citizen or that they don't need to be honorable persons.
+Cara Schulz Yes, this is the logic that perpetuates our two party dictatorship and prevents any chance for a 3rd party choice.
If our attitude could just change from "I'm not going to vote for him because he can't win", to "he best represents my beliefs so I will vote for him", the 2 party stranglehold on our country would be broken.
Thank you for your insight and time with this article. I really enjoyed it. It was avery well written indeed
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