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Hanging out IRL with Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson
Tomorrow (Thursday) I get to do something really, really exciting. I'll be hosting Presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson while he's in Minnesota.

What that means is I'll pick him up at the airport and take him around where he needs to go. I've seen his itinerary for the next few days and I have no clue when he'll even be able to pee. Not kidding. They could have rented a car for him, or he could have cabbed it, but instead he wants to hang out with the people volunteering on his campaign. That's about as cool as a politician can get. I'm sure, when you are on the campaign trail, renting a car and having a few moments to yourself is pretty tempting.

I've been rooting for this guy for almost a year now. He's no bullshit. He even just says it when he doesn't know the answer to something instead of tap dancing and lying. He treats all people the same, even when it means he'll take crap for it.

How do I know this? I, and a panel of other Pagan media interviewed him on a G+ hangout (thanks again +Keith Barrett ). Right before Halloween when the mainstream media loves to do all those shitty, mocking articles on Pagans and 'real' witches. He did the interview and his campaign promoted the interview. He didn't duck us because people like us are an embarrassment, which every other candidate at any level of government does (even if we know them personally - can't risk the bad press, you know) He saw us as any other group of journalists - any other group of citizens. Because we are. And yes, he took shit for it. And yes, he's still good with me driving him around.

You can debate his position on issues, but what you can't debate is how valuable it would be to have a President who really means it when he says he represents all Americans.

So... +Alex Grossman have any questions you want me to ask Gov Johnson?
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I am lured in by many of his social policies (including his support of gay marriage, 2 yr forgiveness for illegal immigrants, etc), but his desire to practically dismantle the federal government, including public funding for schools, pretty much terrifies me.
I'm curious to hear whether he'd consider the pardon of Leonard Peltier. It's always been a hot button issue for natives, but it's always been talked over.
+Amanda Rudd - I look at it this way. The President can't write or pass laws, right? What's the chance that Congress will agree to abolish the Dept of Education anytime soon? Zero. So why worry about those positions? Worry about the ones where a President can influence Congress in a specific direction. Like gay marriage and immigration.
That is so cool. Super duper cool.
Great news for you - sure, if you can ask him some foreign policy questions, ask him if he really agrees with positions such as Ron Paul's about disengagement with the rest of the world, or if we should continue to be involved, protecting our interests, through use of NATO, IMF, World Bank, UN, WTO, etc.
Regarding international trade: Would he submit the United States to the sorts of policies recommended by American proxies abroad, particularly venues such as the IMF or World Bank? If not, would he continue support to international, national and private organizations and institutions that recommend policies that the U.S. recognizes as, at best, unhelpful?
Additionally; what are his thoughts about dual citizenship?
Finally, what are his thoughts about the treatment of Bradley Manning and the attempts to extradite Julian Assange?
But +Cara Schulz - unless the 2012 NDAA is abolished or somehow expires, the President can legally have anyone that disagrees with him in Congress detained indefinitely. After the first few times people "disappear" (as it was called in Soviet territories), people learn that agreeing is in their best interest.

Even disregarding that scenario which is often tossed aside casually as "not the intent of the law", the President does make law arbitrarily, such as when Barack Obama used his Executive Order powers to enact ACTA into law.
So true, are you ready for Cuba?
+Adrian Hawkins No, the Monroe Doctrine was about preserving an exclusive American sphere of influence in the Western Hemisphere, apart from that it was still rather isolationist.
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