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Even fortune cookie makers understand this
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But taxes aren't fine! No, not at all!


Sorry, sometimes my warped humor takes hold and I can't restrain myself!
Great post! That's 50 dollars please.
200 dollar fine for inciting moar comments.
Not really. A tax is the way we have decided to perpetuate things we like about society which cost money.
Right. Try to do well somewhere with toxic land, polluted water, no roads, no electricity, no army, no education, where you're stuck at home taking care of two older family members. Good luck with that.
LOL Okay, now you made me laugh. Where would you put 'between the sheets' on that one, after 'doing wrong' and 'doing well'?
Normally you do it at the very end, but in this case it's funny if you do it at end of both statements.
that's why so many people choose to do nothing
Taxes aren't a fine, nor are they theft. They are a bill for all of the services and infrastructure that you use every day without noticing. If you disagree, please stay the hell off of my hard-earned sidewalks.
Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Might as well be bad as it's more fun!
Fatuous nonsense. Really!
No, taxes are a small price to pay to enjoy the benefits of living in a civilized society, such as roads, street lights, and a modern fire department, and to assist fellow human beings.
Do you drive? Do you take the bus? Are your parks clean? etc. etc. etc.
If not, then you might think of it as a fine.

But most developed countries have systems and services which they provide to their citizens, how you pay for these are taxes.

This exchange of money for services with the states has been established for thousands of years with the Egyption and Persian Empires. I think the argument has run its course.
A tax is your share of the bill for creating and maintaining the society that makes your cushy lifestyle possible. Don't like it? Go live in a cave and eat bugs,
a simple little joke seemed to rattle a lot of cages
Taxes are the dues you pay for living in a civilized society with things like roads, bridges, hospitals, clean drinking water, safe working conditions and things like that.
If everyone who claims they love paying taxes and count it a privilege would simply pay more like they claim they're willing (and free to do, I might add) we'd eliminate this debt in a hurry. Funny how it's always the other guy/gal that should pay more.

The "other" guy/gal is probably paying what you earn or more and yet benefits no more than anyone else.

Hey, I support progressive tax rates but am fed up with people wanting more from those who already pull virtually all the weight of running this government.
Nobody loves paying taxes but if you think they shouldn't exist or are an unnecessary burden then you don't understand highschool level economics.
Trouble is we leave crooks in charge of the money!
I'm going out on a limb that this post ended up on What's Hot because there's all kinds of trolls on here. (BTW - for a definition of Troll - calling people' gay' means it's probably a troll) Keep it clean folks. If you attack someone I delete. If it's done again I block.
Tht is a nice way to do things I like the way you think tht is wat i would do too
Dear Robert and other pro-tax folk. I think you misunderstand - or perhaps are paid from the tax take! The upset, wrongness, with the many, many, many, many taxes (Income Tax is the number 1 horror) is it penalizes high earners and rewards low earners (low producers). It is paid under heavy threat (not great salesmanship or understanding, agreement, or willingly) and 2) Is mis-spent - badly squandered by incompetent, war mongering and wasteful bureaucrats. Well, that's not 100% bad - there is good spending and competence - it's just there is far too much of the bad - don't take my word for it - have a look at the books and see for yourself.
If you take the overly simplistic view that taxes just pay for "your share" of society, you aren't looking at the budget. From policing the world to bidding up the costs of health care and education via subsidies (and separating people from the costs of their decisions), they've created an unsustainable bureaucracy that distorts real demand and angers the world with our interventionism. The government's behavior can only be financed by having the Fed print money, and if you're wondering why the cost of living only seems to go up, look no further than the government trying to provide you your "fair share" of services.
WOAH.....That's so true. Even though taxes aren't good.
Ian - there are people in my office on the same higher-than-average wage than me who do very little, with people like myself cleaning up after them. These are people who are there because of family or other nepotism. It is very satisfactory that these people will pay as much tax as I do, given that they are low-producers.
That's cute, you guys think taxes go to make things better. True in some cases, but go research and discover where your income tax goes.
I still plussed it...I will NOT analyze this,just smile this one time...(-:
Confucius was a Republican!
It's a funny comment, I also noticed it rattled some cages. Can we use some of that tax money to buy these people a sense of humor?

I think people who complain about taxes earn that right. Not to complain about paying, but where exactly that money goes to. In the rattled cages of the people in this post can't say with 100% certainty that their money goes where it is supposed. Lots of corrupt people out there.
+Cara Schulz enjoyed the little joke, thanks for posting it. I also found the massive response to it hilarious.
I know. I went out on my balcony to read and pet the cat (no, that's not an euphemism) and I came back and I was like "'s a _fortune cookie_"
No Cara!!! It's not a fortune cookie! It's an affront to all those who love paying taxes! :P
Thank you +jamila tabassum - I live in a condo so I'm limited on my gardening. I just made that basket up earlier this week.
+David Zabielski Here, have these things that you didn't ask for or want. Now, here is your bill.

If people want amenities, we create them, and we can create a lot more amenities when we don't have to work twice as much to pay taxes.
I'm not talking about a fortune cookie, I'm talking about the huge, enormous, multi-billion tax take that stifles enterprise and impoverishes millions. Fortune cookies don't do any of that so they're fine. I think taxes need some serious reduction, I think anyone is entitled to the fruits of their labour. I think that's worth getting animated about - the price of freedom - constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back. There is no other price.
I'm pretty sure that the point of the "Fortune Cookie" was to laugh at the fortune cookie, not start a movement on some woman's google+ so that everyone can vent on how they feel about taxes. Cara, imagine if you put up a fortune cookie paper that made a comment about gay marriage? Oh my....You'd probably have crashed the interweb
"A tax is a fine to keep firefighters and police officers guarding you while you sleep." Fixed.
A tax for given the opportunity to do well. Believe me, you take away what those dreadful taxes provide and none of us would consider anything well. Roads, police, clean water, freedom to name a few...
A tax is a burden. That's why when something is a burden, it's described as taxing. While a necessity to provide needed government services, there are constantly more and more 'needed' services and no extra taxes coming in. One new need I would approve of, is a pole out of the butt service and replace it with a sense of humor. Quit being so angry all the time.
Basically, taxes are a contradiction!
+Heather Linae LIKE STARBURST! Or so I've been told by propaganda... Ha, propaganda is a pretty big word...
+Michael Bryson Everything you've listed is a drop in the bucket within the scope of our budget, with the exception of the military. If only we stuck to self defense rather than policing the world and trying to build states, we'd be spending a heck of a lot less money.

While some tax may be necessary for the roles of the federal government, can you imagine that there was once a time when there was no income tax!! The government was smaller and people who would have been federal employees instead just worked in the more efficient private sector.
if you think you're getting penalized by paying to support the infrastructure of your community, perhaps you don't deserve your community rather than the other way 'round.
well not in Turkey, government always wins:)) even you do not doing well you still have to pay a bunch of taxes :((
+John Kelly While it's not always fun to take everything too seriously, the internet is a good place to spread ideas and sometimes you can't pass up an opportunity. :)
Then why does Warren Buffet pay less taxes than his secretary? Why did GE pay zero taxes in '09? That cookie is not true.
I am all for getting taxed if that money is going to the right place like +Kian Kashani. Said if parks were cleaned etc. U know our school funding is down the drain I really don't think that as high as our taxes are our public services should be so messed up and still have a share of cost the only thing our taxes are doing is making the richer rich and the poorer poor and keeping the middle class people stuck that's just my opinion
Taxes are the governments way of fleecing the masses, not unlike organized crime always wanting their piece of the action, and if you don't pay they'll take everything you own including your life.
makes no sense I hate taxes any of them
I read it, I laughed. Why is it necessary to overanalyze it? One has to have a sense of humor, even on a subject like taxes. :) +John Kelly Great quote!
Actually, a tax is our membership dues for living in a civil society....
of course, fortune cookies are also incorrect about 100% of the time, too.
+Ray Walker Warren Buffet makes most of his money on capital gains and there's a good reason the tax is less. People who invest in capital are assuming a large risk with their investment. When it works out, not only do they get a payoff, but a company that they invest is able to raise money for expanding services they offer to the public. Workers assume less risk in their jobs, so taxing income doesn't discourage work quite as much. That said, there was a time when even normal income was taxed much less and we managed to get along.
+Kian Kashani "How things have been done" does not equal "how they should be done". You make the (false) assumption that if these things were not paid for by taxes, then they would not be paid for at all. And the Tragedy of the Commons argument doesn't hold water. It is a challenge to be surmounted, but not a damning mark on the possibility of voluntarily-provided services. Behold:

Tragedies of the Commons have the potential to exist wherever there is a universally accessible good or service, i.e. roads. However, governmental power itself must be considered such a "public good", in that it was theoretically available to all US citizens, but has clearly been "overgrazed" by just a handful of "shepherds", to return the metaphor to its orignal context. So, government cannot be the solution to ToC since it is the good which is MOST SUBJECT to ToC!

Here is just a little sample of how something like defense could be provided in a non-coercive way. In the future, there are various defense agencies in the geographical region we now call the US. You will not be compelled to contribute to this service, however those who do get their names put in secure databases. Now suppose you apply for a job somewhere; since people value this defense service, they will be preferential towards those who are not "free riders". They can ask for your permission to query the database to see whether you support defense. If you have not, they may choose not to hire you. Now there is merely a social and peaceful pressure being put on individuals to support these things.

It is very telling when people worry that a service wouldn't be provided without the state, but their concern is the very proof that it would be done! In fact, those services are almost certainly being done quite poorly BECAUSE of the state. The state has no motivation to follow through.

+Jarrod Bolin +John Boston +Robert Pearce
If you think that these things can only be provided by such coercive means, read the free book Practical Anarchy here:
Once again, "it is" does not mean "it should be".
Totally Wicked, but totally with you.
a fine is a fine for doing well for doing wrong
I'm always mischievous +John Kelly But not troll bait. Just thought it was cute and funny that was in a fortune cookie.
+John Kelly Well, tight underpants or not, most people don't really have a good understanding of how their money is spent because they like to stay out of politics. While I find politics a bit depressing as well, I think if we discussed it more openly, people would realize how screwed up things really are.
A tax is a simple ethical and practical obligation. It's simply the price of being part of society.
"Taxes are what we pay for civilized society" Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1902 to 1932.
fortune cookie's right....jason is corny but, truedat
I think we can spot all the anal Republican's comments and plus ones on this post? Seriously, get a sense of humour transplant! It's called tongue in cheek humour. duh...
I'm with Mr. Holmes. We pay taxes because we cannot achieve individually what we can all do collectively. Taxes are as necessary as tilling the soil and civilization can't grow without them. Pulling out the weeds can be tricky, but the alternative is we all starve.
I don't know if it's funny or frighting that that many people would get upset and argue with a fortune cookie, SHEESH
if they would just do smart things with the money, i would love to be taxed
+Adx Grave I don't think as a rule that the rich should pay less taxes. As rule, we shouldn't discourage savings and investment. Our consumption-based society has only created bubbles of debt (e.g. housing, consumer credit) that the government and the Fed have only encouraged.
Senseless fortune. It's logical statement is "Doing well is doing wrong."
Either ways, just pay your tax, thats what the govt cares about.
Hue Hef
Wow I like that lol
then it is fine that does not work--people still want to do well
Taxes, i don't like them, they wouldn't be so bad if so much of them didn't go into corrupt pockets. The Cookie gets it.
Truest thing i have ever read...fortune cookie wise....
What would they do if everybody on Google + just didnt pay their income taxes this year...? Would it be a wide spread " Ruby Ridge"...? Just wondering...what cha think...?
So many cookie monsters making a mountain out of a molehill here. ROFL.
Follow these steps:
1. Cover ur mouth with hand
2. Whisper wish into hand
3. Post this 2 ten other comments
4. Then look at ur hand
What's with this anti-tax nonsense that people keep spreading? Does anyone think we shouldnt have a military? HOW DO YOU THINK WE PAY FOR OUR MILITARY? Taxes are necessary in a functional society. They're not going away. People can disagree about how much we should pay or where the money's spent, but at the end if the day, there will be taxes. A blanket statement that says "TAXES ARE BAD!" doesnt get us anywhere. It avoids the real conversations we should be having. Talking about what we can do as a society to benefit all of society would be an infinitely more useful conversation. Im sorry if I'm a buzzkill here but this nonsense is really getting old. Does anyone think we'll EVER pay down the national debt without either raising taxes or stripping all the safety nets from the poor and middle class? A mixture of both might be necessary but that involves increased taxes. The big question is...who's gonna pay? Increasing taxes OR cutting programs makes someone pay. Who should pay?
no taxation without representation.
Dale C
He who walk sideways thru airport terminal going to bangkok
Chriscurrence obviously hasn't taken a look at our OBSCENE military spending by comparison to any other nation in the world... Nor can he just enjoy a light, clever quip from a fortune cookie. Settle down, buddy. We'll get through this together.
My fortune cookie said, "Welcome to democracy. Pay up. Now tell me what I should spend it on." In bed. 
If top-down economics worked, then after a decade of Bush tax cuts (continued by Obama) we wouldn't have high unemployment.
I always add bed. " I guess between the sheets works too
gee, what would we do without all of the great freeways we have in los angeles. what would we do without the jammed, potholed, constantly-under-repair roads? and the l.a.p.d? what would we do?
Look at all the butthurt you stirred up among the great digital unwashed. Are you proud of yourself? I sure as hell am. Followed.
Liam, I agree. We spend too much on some things and too little on others. But, at the end of the day, eliminating taxes makes no sense in a modern society. How much to pay, who should pay, and what we need to be paying for should be the conversation. "STOP ALL TAXES BECAUSE THEY'RE EVIL!" is idiotic and ignorant. We have most government programs to fix the deficiencies in our society which (clearly) corporations either aren't interested in or dont have the capacity to resolve. If things were always just fine,we wouldn't have ever needed taxes. Things weren't fine and if we reverse course, things will get worse. We should always scrutinize how much we pay and why. Eliminating programs that arent helpful would be a good thing. I'm all for it. Taxes (in general) arent a bad thing. We elect our representatives to make responsible decisions in these matters. If they don't, get someone in there who will. That's how it works.
I think that the cookie is right - in a way - even though Im to young to worry about taxes yet. But I KNOW all this fighting over a dumb quote or fortune or whatever is truly pointless. I mean really. YOU ARE ADULTS. ACT LIKE THEM. 
No, a fine is a tax for being too awesome.
Funny how so many ppl aren't fine with such a taxing subject, don't blame 'em.

Death Tax: a penalty for not being able to pay any more taxes. Which is fine by me.

So palm shaveing iz afine or a tax
Helloi am deaf my name is mark nice to meet you
We've been cutting taxes for quite some time now and the poor and middle class are still getting poorer. The money is moving more and more to top and yet people keep say that taxing the wealthy is wrong. How poor must the bottom 99% get before we understand that it's all propaganda? Does anyone know what the tax rates were 50 years ago for the wealthy and corporations? Were the middle class and poor struggling so much then? Were the corporations and wealthiest Americans struggling then? NO! Then comes trickle-down economics. Let's make the rich richer and they'll take care of us. The problem with this idea is that the rich usually get richer by taking care of themselves. Its what they've done their whole lives. The only thing that's certain about trickle-down economics is the rich get richer. Then we rely on their "good" intentions. Give me a break. Stop believing the propaganda people? Do the research. How do you explain the tax rates of the past and our clear prosperity despite them. The rich were still rich. Just not obscenely rich. There was plenty of reason to strive for prosperity. Society (as a whole) was financially better off. Division of wealth was more reasonable. We can learn alot by looking in our past. How can we know where we're going if we don't know where we've been? Think for yourself. Dont be sheep.
+Carl Foster Yush, the truth is in the cookie. Lets just eat the damned biscuit and enjoy. We all have our personal opinion and never the twain shall meet.
The original idea of taxes was to help the American people recover, but who was the bright eyes who thought it was to be forever?
The person who did well was able to do so using dozens, if not hundreds, or public resources. Let's just eliminate roads, police, fire protection, education, breathable air, drinkable water, sanitary food, licensed drivers, etc. and see how well the "successful" really do.
Well put.
“When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.”
Taxes are necessary, but I do get angry when my family goes without so I can write a several thousand dollar check to the IRS and then read about some senator blowing way more than that in a few hours on some "fact finding" trip to a lush vacation spot.
You Yanks! Honestly! I am cracking up here! Laughing, I mean...◕‿◕
Lash travel spots-
What's wrong with computer conferences. Prefer my tax cash to to the needy !
+Jason Hawk +Brian Panico +Stan Warren No. Taxes are not necessary, they are not the price we pay for living in society, and we did not decide to participate in it. It was here when we were born. What we do have are needs, which it behooves us to solve; but the idea that the only way those things will get done is through the violence and coercion of taxation is an ASSUMPTION. Have you considered for a moment the possibilities of voluntarily provided publicly consumed goods and services? Its obvious that we value the things we have gotten such as roads and education, etc, so we have the motivation! We have the incentive, and it follows that those things would be done. There are a handful of rudimentary retorts to this idea, but I've already adressed those in this thread. Search for my name here to see them.
... ich nichts versteh ... ich Deutsche Land. My English is not so great. Please translate. THX
great commentand that would be 50 dollars please
the matter is how taxes are spend... like paying the bankers for the .... they do!
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The book should be out in a week or so.
+Juan Sanchez - antisemitism is not allowed on my stream. Take that shit back to facebook where it belongs.
Taxes are what we pay for civilization. That civilization provides you roads, defends the borders of your country, educated you and provides police and fire protection. Is it worth nothing to you. That is indeed sorry.
+John Morrison - True, if it is all distributed wisely and in the best way to help our citizens/civilization and all citizens were taxed in accord with their earnings not stature.
This post elicits such polarized responses because as true as it is, it smacks of fools who scream to limit government not understanding the disastrous results of such action (including this economic meltdown). So while my sense of humor is just fine, I'll set it aside to address this point for all those who don't seem to understand this... Between the sheets... 
Antisemitism belongs on Facebook??? 
If you value your freedom, take interest in what is happening in your life. Educate yourself, make informed decisions, and always exercise your voice by using it; otherwise, the only voices you hear, will be the ones you do not agree with.

In regard to Carla's “anti-Semitism” comment. The word antisemitism means prejudice against or hatred of Jews. Carla, I am confused at your use / understanding of this word.
+Tom Kingsley - a person was making antisemitic comments, which I deleted and reported. Just like I deleted and reported homophobic comments earlier. Does that clear up your confusion?
Lot of complaints about people who understand the trade off between taxes and our amazing lifestyles... Saying we take it too seriously? But there is an actual problem with people taking the sentiment of that little joke too seriously. Why not bite back at the people who are saying, "OMG this is sooooo true!!1!" as well? Is it because they "get" the joke or are they going go use that as their voting strategy?
+Jarrod Bolin I don't care that you are not feeling the love. I've been greatly amused by all sorts of people on this post. I mean, if you want to freak out, in any way, over a fortune cookie fortune, be my guest. I'll get a chuckle out of it.
taxes are all resposiblities together. the riches should help the poors, the poors respect and love the riches. because of this, The Zakat in Islam is ruled.....
I say again, it's not about feeling the love. It's about people who are taking this thing too seriously in the way that might actually damage the country--by agreeing with it and voting on it as such.
Ah come on now, you have to pay your taxes. Banks don't bail themselves out, you know.
I think if you want to to talk about taxes you should figure out what it is you want...
Let's analyze that...

fine = tax for doing wrong
tax = fine for doing well


fine = fine for doing well for doing wrong


tax = tax for doing wrong for doing well

No wonder the tax code is so complicated.
do something bad you pay do something good you are rewarded!
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