Vegan questions - Help requested

I'm going camping with omnivores, vegetarians, and a vegan. And I'm gluten-free (celiacs disease). We are on our own for breakfast and lunch, but are doing dinner together. I've been combing through Vegan cookbooks and Gluten-Free cookbooks trying to find recipes that work for BOTH and that you can do while camping. (No oven. OK, we'll have a very small one, but not large enough to cook an entree for 10 peeps)

Many vegan recipes are heavy on bread and pasta. And while I can do shitty gluten-free bread and pasta once in a while, it's not something I enjoy. No one else will enjoy it, either. Looking at gluten-free recipes, many of them call for dairy (especially cheese and butter) eggs or honey. Or sugar. So here are my questions.

What do vegans use in place of butter? That margarine stuff? Is that acceptable? What one tastes the best and not like greasy wax?

Sugar - do Vegans use it or not?

Is there a such thing as fake eggs? And are they OK or nasty? Do they really work as a binding agent in cooking?

I tried those fake meat crumbles and GAH those are horrible. I'm thinking of using diced portabella in place of meat - is that normal for vegans?

What should I use in place of milk for recipes? And no - I've tried soy milk and that's not going into a cream sauce.

Is there a problem with cornstarch for vegans? I mean it is it sifted through bambi fur or some other process I don't know about?

I just ordered a gluten-free vegan cookbook so hopefully that will help. Heh ... +David Salisbury are going to make cooking so much fun while camping. Between us, we have pretty much eliminated every food group but fruit and veggies.
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