Getting our ducks in a row
The news organization I'm Managing Editor for is undertaking some exciting changes. That we now have a managing editor is one sign of these changes. The change I'm most excited about is the website revamp, overseen by our creative director (we have one now!). The current site looks like a blog. It simply grabs the articles from our local bureaus and puts them up. No matter what the content. That will soon change.

Content from local bureaus will soon be reviewed for national relevance and interest and edited by our executive editor (we now have one!). It will be placed in the appropriate category (like News, Culture, etc) and not just thrown up in a pile. Our MarCom director (we have one now!) will promote the article to the level it should be promoted.

We've been in operation for about 2 years and there have been some growing pains. We've been feeling our way into this. I hadn't touched news for close to two decades. Most of our reporters had no education or experience in reporting the news. We are all doing this without monetary compensation, something that should change in the future. All we had was a commitment to the mission - to provide the Pagan, Heathen, and polytheist communities with news about the people and events they care about and isn't covered by the mainstream press. So we've learned on the job. We've lost people and gained people. Bureaus have opened and closed as people found out that this isn't glamorous, you have to grind away at it every day, and most of the emails you're going to get tell you how much you suck. We have a great group of stringers, bureaus, columnists, and staff forged from that time and now we can make use of them.

Exciting times. Can't wait to see how we evolve in the next year.
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