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Cara Martner
Thoughts become things, pay attention to what you think!
Thoughts become things, pay attention to what you think!


When I'm really fired up on a Monday (and it's only 9am!) I like to remind myself, gently, that Rome was not built in a day.
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For the sake of argument let's say you have a company website and the name of the company doesn't directly relate to what someone might search for when looking to hire this type of service.

If someone has heard of the company through word of mouth and types the name flat out in the google search bar, the website is the first in the search but does not have any indexed sites listed underneath,, a few unrelated other sites show below it, and a few more related accounts continue on page two.

If that same person would have typed "company name" it populates the home page with the subpage descriptions below it.

Is there some way to get Google to group these pages together when someone does a straight search without the quotations?

I couldn't think of how to best search for this, if there's a quick resource someone can link me to that would be much appreciated!

When it's 9:30am and you're mostly caught up with work already. :)
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Happiest Monday ever! This Hipster for Hire is going full-time! 
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Nothing like finally finding your place in the world. Universe, I love you, for all those bad times, you've given me the most good in return.
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