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Ferguson extracts more revenue from African American renters seeking to heat their homes in the winter, light them after dark, and talk on their cell phones than it does from those who own the homes themselves. Taken together, these regressive taxes account for almost 60 percent of the city’s revenue. In contrast, property taxes—which are, at least in theory, progressive taxes—account for just under 12 percent. The vast wealth of the city, scarcely taxed at all, is locked up in property that African Americans were prevented from buying for most of its history.
The Missouri city—home to a multinational corporation—was so starved for cash that it extracted revenue from its poorest residents. A look beyond the death of Michael Brown, to the century of public policy that helped produce it.
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The House always wins...
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How hard can I plus this?
We're happy eating pancakes any time.
Don’t relegate breakfast sandwiches and crispy hashes to the morning hours only.
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One billion people on G+ and I circle Perry Mason. 
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I once ate a barbecue sandwich made out of meat that was smoked in an old clothes dryer. It was really, really good. In fact, it was the only edible barbecue sandwich I've been able to find in the entire Bay Area—and I've looked, I've looked really hard.

In order to understand the dryer incident, you have to first understand how I got there. People in San Francisco don't have any idea how to make barbecue. They also don't understand iced tea, chicken and waffles, or biscuits and gravy—but it's the barbecue that really gets me.

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Plop some strawberry jam 'spaghetti sauce' atop your 'noodles' and dip a Ferrero Rocher chocolate hazelnut ball in some remaining sauce and set it atop. Shave a white chocolate bar through a cheese grater for Parmesan cheese; it's as simple as that!
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Baking cups, +Tim O'Brien.
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One area of the park registered 480 microsieverts per hour, or nearly half the recommended annual limit of exposure.

JAPAN-NUCLEAR/PARK (TV, PICTURES):Tokyo finds high levels of radiation in children's park
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The disaster and tragedy continues in Japan... 
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This is probably the grandest tree on our street since the ice storm took down half of our front lawn one.

Our tree is not the same perfect Christmas tree shape that it once was, and it has lost a third of its height, but in the years since the ice storm it has fluffed back out into a cute lollipop shape and it seems to be enjoying each spring as much as ever. Basically a happy midlife tree. :-)

#fivedaynaturechallenge Day 5
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It's a beauty +Cara Evangelista :)
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Slurp. One thing Sakurai does insist upon is speed, otherwise the noodles soak up the broth. "Eating a bowl of ramen shouldn't take more than 5 minutes," he says.
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+Tim O'Brien you could do it. I bet it's just a matter of training.
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"Enjoy the unbelievable electric rush of interacting with arbys online? Love dipping our #crap in our other #shit? Who cares? Arbys: fuck this."

"Cry. Go ahead and cry. Nana ain't coming back. Neither is fluffy. Go to Arbys and eat some hillbilly boy's pet cow. The universe is cruel."
If you’re not already following the Nihilist Arby’s Twitter feed, that’s a problem you should go correct right the hell now.
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I soooo want a Arby-Q rabbit hoagie for lunch, now.
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