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which #CarTyre wear out first, Front or Rear?

Generally irrespectivce of the type of drive, front tyres wear out first. The front left tyre of car probably wears out faster.

This happens due to various reasons...

1) The front tyres carry the majority of the weight of the vehicle.

2) Braking - As we apply the brakes, weight transfer oocurs from rear to front, thus more forces are transferred to the front tyres.

3) The front tyres perform the steering of the vehicle and therefore move much more than the rear tyres.

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Importance of Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is the process of properly aligning the wheels and axles. It ensures that your car handles at its optimum level,
increasing safety as well as protecting tyres against premature wear and saving fuel.

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Kumho Tyre was established in 1960, and is now ranked as one of the top ten tyre companies in the world.
With a global presence across 180 countries, it produces more than 68 million tyres every year. Kumho defines itself through innovation and quality. Research and Development centres are spread across three continents, with facilities in Korea, China, K and the USA enabling Kumho to lead the world with the latest in tyre technology, safety and performance.
With wide range of car tyres, Car Tyres & You deals in Kumho tyres with special offer. For more details, visit
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Is it acceptable to use mixed car tyre brand?

In general, it is recommend that not to use mixed tyres in car. Tyre manufacturing company make huge range of different tyre sizes. But as with all manufacturing, there are certain tolerances allowed in the standards. As a result, two tyres from different manufacturers may not exactly be the same size which could compromise the car's handling and performance.

In addition to maintaining control and stability, having a set of same brand tyres lets you rotate them regularly. This helps the tyres wear evenly, extending their life and making the most of your investment.

To know more about, Car Tyres & Brands, connect with experts of Car Tyres & You or visit

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#Myth: Car tyres need to inflate regularly to keep the pressure according to the pressure limit shown on the tyre-sidewall.

#Fact: Whatever is mentioned on the side wall of a tyre indicates the maximum pressure value. In a car, you should refer to the inner side of the door where the recommended tyre pressure value is mentioned.

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Dunlop tyres started its journey in Belfast, Ireland, in 1888, with an idea that forever changed the way the world rides.
With more than 120 years of experience in tyre manufacturing, Dunlop provides high performance, durable tyres for all kinds of motorists. At a global level, Dunlop is known for delivering their expertise and innovation in manufacturing sports tyres and applying it to general purpose tyres for commercial, motoring and agriculture use.
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Importance of Valve Maintenance

It is the valve of a tyre that acts a medium between the pressure and the tyres. In fact, valves are able to help maintain pressure in the tyre and should be replaced when new tyres are fitted.

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Are you concerned about your car tyres in the wet? You may need a set of these:

For more safety tips in this wet weather, connect with our expert team at
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Fatality Free Friday is that one day where we can all make a difference on 26th May. #FatalityFreeFriday is Australia’s largest community-based road safety campaign.

It’s also a chance to actively concentrate on road safety and safe driving. Let's join this campaign & take the pledge to make our roads safer.
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Tyre's tread signals the health of the tyre.
All tyre's have a tread depth indicator of 1.6mm. Once the tyre tread reaches 2mm, grip of tyres in wet wather reduces significantly.
Driving with low tread depth increases the potential for tyre failure, aquaplaning and increase the braking distance. See below for the indicator mark and be sure to check your tyres.

For more details about #TreadDepth, call our expert team at #Ormond (03) 85603266 #Keilor Park (03) 93367744 #Carnegie(03) 9572 2144 or visit our website

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