Tortoises vs. Turtles - (

In this beautiful photograph, you see two turtles almost nuzzling, as if they're affectionate with each other. This photo was taken by an amazing photographer that dove into the waves to get special photographs. His name is Clark Little.

However, we've never taken the opportunity to discuss Laguna turtles. There aren't any sea turtles native to California, so every single one you see is a transplant or a migrating turtle. The most common turtle you'll see is the Green Sea Turtle, and occasionally you'll see a Leatherback. This is unlike the East Coast, where you'll find Loggerhead and other turtles galore.

Tortoises dwell on land, rather than the sea. Tortoises are more common in Asia and Africa, with heavy, bumpy shells. Tortoise hatchlings move to their mother's burrow, whereas turtle hatchlings have to get to the sea themselves, and are on their own from birth. Tortoises live a very, very long time, with the oldest verifiable tortoise at 188, versus turtles, which only live 40-50 years.

Either way, they're beautiful creatures, and you'll be lucky to see one in Laguna Beach!

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