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What To Consider When Choosing A Flatshare In London

Living in London is a once in a lifetime experience, whether you've decided to move here for work, or just want to enjoy the rich cultural and social scene. However, it's an expensive city with a high demand for properties, meaning that it can be tough to find the right property. That's why flatshares are such a popular option. It means that you can enjoy a great location for an excellent price, with amenities taken care of. Here are a few things to consider if you've decided to look for a flatshare, so that you can be sure you pick the right one.


Location is the top of most people's list, and you'll no doubt want somewhere close to the action. Look for properties close to transport links such as the underground or bus stops with night services, and you'll be able to get around the city easily. London has great public transport, so you don't have to be right in the centre, you can choose one of the popular residential areas such as Clapham or Chiswick which offer easy access to the city, yet a quieter place to live.

Your Flatmates

Whether you like to socialise with your flatmates, or simply want to ensure you're sharing with kind and reasonable people, it's important to know you're moving in with the right people. You'll want to be sure that your flatmates are:

 • Professional
 • Able to pay their share of the bills
 • Like minded
 • Friendly

Staying in a flatshare can often be like having your own little community, and by finding the right people to live with, you can be sure of a happier atmosphere.


If you share a home, you don't want to have to bring too much stuff with you, and so choosing a flatshare that's fully equipped will make your life so much easier. This saves you having to buy your own furniture, appliances, and other home items, and means that you can simply move right in.


When you move somewhere new, you want to know it's for the long term, and that you won't have to pack up your things after a few months. By getting a 12 month contract, you can be sure that your tenancy is safe, and that you have the security you need. Settling into a new area can take a while, and therefore it makes sense to get a longer contract so that you can be sure you've got a place to stay in the long term.


One thing that's bound to tear even the friendliest of flatmates apart is the issue of cleaning, and therefore it's essential to ensure that the people you live with have the same high standards as you. Many flatshares now come with a regular housekeeping service which can really help, as it means the occupants simply need to do their own day to day tidying, with a housekeeper doing a weekly deep clean.

It's not always easy to find the right flatshare, so it's important to think about what you want, from the location to the kind of flatmates. This will allow you to narrow down potential matches, and ensure you make the right choice.

10 Great Locations To Flatshare In London

London is a vast city, with many exciting neighbourhoods, each with its own unique personality. That's why it can be tough to decide where to live, and because London has convenient transport links plus plenty of places to socialise and enjoy yourself, there's often a long list of convenient choices. Here are just a few places you might want to consider looking for a flatshare in London, all of which have their own advantages to any potential tenant.

1. Clapham
Clapham has long being a popular residential area, especially for those who work in the city, as it's just a short tube ride to most business areas. It also has a huge number of bars and restaurants, and the impressive Clapham Common which has festivals and events.

2. Pimlico
Historic Pimlico has classic examples of Regency architecture, with beautifully preserved homes, garden squares, and cultural centres such as the Tate Britain close-by. Pimlico's central location makes it expensive, but by choosing flatshare accommodation you can enjoy affordable rents.

3. Fulham
Chelsea's neighbouring district of Fulham enjoys all the charm of the nearby suburb, yet without the millionaire price tags. The famous King's Road stretches into Fulham, with a huge selection of designer stores, boutiques, and world class restaurants.

4. King's Cross
No longer just a place to change underground trains; King's Cross has been extensively gentrified over the last few years, with old train station and industrial buildings turned into hip restaurants and bars. It has also attracted an artistic crowd, with many stylish contemporary galleries recently opened.

5. Wandsworth
A little further out into the southwest is Wandsworth, a modern and lively area that's popular with commuters. Wandsworth Town Railway Station serves the area, with a fast, reliable service to London Waterloo making it easy to get to work or enjoy the city.

6. Putney
Close to Wandsworth, yet boasting its own tube station on the District Line, Putney is a popular spot for flatshares, with spacious, yet affordable properties. Putney also has many cultural attractions such as galleries and arts centres, and a great selection of bars and restaurants.

7. Hackney
Colourful Hackney has seen a real change in recent years, losing its reputation for big tower blocks and run down areas. It has become a cool, artistic part of London, attracting many students and young professionals, and therefore has a great choice of shared accommodation, from flats to charming terraced houses.

8. Barons Court
Sitting in-between Hammersmith and Kensington, Barons Court is often overlooked, but it's fantastically placed for professionals who want to enjoy London. The area is fairly quiet, with a small selection of shops and some green spaces where you can take a run or get some fresh air.

9. Chiswick
Upmarket Chiswick can be expensive, but there are plenty of flatshares available in this leafy suburb to make it more affordable. With pretty riverfront areas, large park spaces, and historic buildings creating a unique and charming atmosphere.

10. Greenwich
With amazing waterfront areas, and a rich history, Greenwich is a great place to live that has a strong community atmosphere. With access to Dockland's Light Railway, it's an easy commute to the business and financial districts, making it an ideal home for young professionals.

It can be tough to choose the right area in London, as there are many choices, from upmarket to upcoming districts. That's why it's essential to do your research, think about what you want from a home, and what kind of accommodation will be in your budget. This will make it easier to choose the right spot where you'll feel right at home.

It's a lovely sunny day for house sharing in London!

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