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The Internet is visual, make sure your online assets are too. Car dealership pictures can be better. Here's some quick tips to help you capture the customer service side of your business. #automotivemarketing   #socialmediatips  

Well that is it for me! Have a fun safe weekend, y'all!

The world's first hybrid vehicle, the "Mixte,' was built by Ferdinand Porsche (founder of Porsche) in 1902! #FunFactFriday

Think hybrid's are a new thang? What year do you think the Hybrid was first invented?

Generally speaking, hybrids produce up to 90% fewer pollutants compared to a traditional combustion-engine vehicle.

Almost 37 times as many hybrids were sold in 2007 than were sold in 2000. Hybrids also depreciate in value at a slower rate.

Hybrids can get over 50mpg and use roughly 1/3 the gas that conventional cars do. #FunFactFriday

These days hybrids are not necessarily weaker or slower than gasoline alternatives!

Think hybrid cars are the same as electric cars? Hybrid cars still use gasoline, in addition to rechargeable batteries. #FunFactFriday

#FunFactFriday is all about Hybrids! Save$, the earth, and look cool? Yes please.
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