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We won the Presidents' Trophy. We had the second best year in this history of the franchise."

Canucks Today:
Kevin Bieksa:
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Sadly, that's not the trophy we want.

1970 and counting...
I wish you could've won but there is always next year!!!
For the 'Nucks there is no next year until 2023
It's been "next year" for me since 1994! haha
Next year..........or the one after.
I'm over the disappointment, bring on next year. I'm excited to see what the team looks like this Sept, and that's only 5 months away!
My mind has changed from Blue/Green to Black/Orange
Go Lions!
Yup, both WC and BCL tickets are cheap!
go nucks go! even though they lost ;)
They need to make serious changes if they want to have a chance at winning the cup
At least Boston lost too, that softens the blow slightly.
they absolutely dont need to make serious changes, the way to win the stanley cup now a days is to be able to compete for it and have a solid chance of winning it every year, thats exactly what they have with this team. The only major change that needs to be done this off season is finding a good offer for either luongo or schnieder.
Well I looked it up and it said both, so he could go to any...
and Vancouver is out of the playoffs...:|
Still NUMBER ONE to all fans!!! A great year by a great team that made a lot of people here in Dallas jealous. Can't wait for next year guys. Keep the dream ALIVE!!!
i went to the last game. it was pretty sad, but i bet we'll get farther next year.
u shut up! the canucks are boss. better than the team YOU cheer for i bet
what ever you guys do keep luongo and schnider they are the two best goalies in the NHL
nah i think they should trade luongo
schneider is younger keep him
i cheer for Boston...:) ya know the team that won the cup...
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