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Selling to dealers vs auction, which is the best? While a dealer is unlikely to pay more than the low end of what something is likely to achieve at auction, both sides can benefit from forgoing the auction fees and charges. The benefit of the auction process is that you have the potential to have two people on the day who will bid over that minimum price, at times greatly, because they'd really love to have that item. It's a tough call, and knowing where to offer any particular item makes a big difference in the outcome. That's where we come in. Because we're involved in the process week in and week out, we know where to find the best value for our clients. There are no problems, only Canard Solutions.
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Canard Solutions is proud to be the major sponsor of Rotary Prahran's inaugural Hunters and Collectors Antique Fair and Roadshow on Sunday, Feb 26 at the Prahran RSL Hall. Buy direct from dealers and bring antiques, collectibles, and curios to be valued by experts.

Follow the links below for for information.
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We all spend our lifetime collecting. Family, friends, memories. We also end up collecting a lot more than we need, and this can tie us down. If you need help to deal with clutter, want to downsize to release capital or reduce upkeep, or are looking for a change and don’t know where to start, Canard Solutions can be the first step to freedom. So stop putting off your freedom; freedom to travel, freedom to enjoy nature, freedom to start a new chapter in your life. Call Canard Solutions and find the freedom to move.
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A big house and garden is the Australian dream, but once the kids move away and you get a little older the cleaning, gardening, and maintenance can make it more a burden than a paradise. Canard Solutions can help you downsize and exchange the upkeep for the lifestyle you want, where you want, whether it’s closer to family and friends, somewhere warm, or just somewhere easy. Moving can be a nightmare, but with help from Canard Solutions you can create your new Australian dream.
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Packing is a pain, but with a little planning it can make your move easier and help you decide what you really want to take to your new home, especially when downsizing. We all have boxes that seem to follow us from one move to the next without ever getting unpacked. This can be avoided if you sort and pack with a clear idea of where your possessions will end up, rather than where they happen to be now. As well as making unpacking at the other end much easier, it can be a useful exercise when deciding what to take and what to dispose of. A little planning can go a long way.
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Specialist items can cause quite a conundrum when trying to value and sell. Selling online has become a great way to get a good result by connecting you directly to specialist collectors, ensuring not only that you get the best price possible, but also that your items will go to someone who will really appreciate it.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when selling online to maximise your return:

If you are selling with a timed auction, be sure that it ends at a time when most of you potential buyers are likely to be free and online. There is plenty of data published about peak times for various demographics, but generally in the evening during the week is a good bet.

If you sell on eBay, keep in mind that you'll be paying a commission on the postage price as well as the sale price, as well as a PayPal commission on both if the buyer uses that payment method. Cash sales and pickup can mitigate this, but if you need to send them to the buyer you can avoid the additional eBay charges by letting the buyer organise a courier so they pay for the shipping directly and you're charges are unaffected.

Gumtree, or other similar sites, also bypass the need to deal with fees and commissions, but because there is less recourse for the buyer if the items is defective, it can result in lower sales prices. By allowing purchases to be made through PayPal you have to pay a small commission, but the access for the buyer to a dispute and recourse framework can lead to greater confidence in the buyer, and better prices as a result.

And always be safe when arranging for a pickup for online sales. Avoid meeting at your home, meet somewhere well populated, and don't meet after dark. There is always some risk when dealing with people you don't know but by following these rules you can make the experience as safe as possible.
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Preparing to sell a home can be one of the most stressful times in someone's life. It can be an emotionally draining and daunting task. While it's easy to find reasons to delay, it's an exercise that never gets easier. It also holds up being able to enjoy the equity in the property. At Canard Solutions we can take the effort out of it and make a mole hill out of the mountain. In addition to helping you deal with the contents of your home, or that of a loved one, we are able to organise the myriad of things need to be done to achieve a great outcome at auction. From plumbers to painters to gardeners to furnishing and decorating for auction, let Canard Solutions take care of it for you.
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A cornerstone of the Canard Solutions process is our Family Choice service. This is bespoke system used to let project owners tailor a set of rules for dispersal. To put it plainly, we provides the tools for items to be chosen and fairly distributed. We've found this can be especially useful in situations where there is a degree of acrimony between various parties

Once we complete our photo inventory and valuations, we are able to set parameters for family members, beneficiaries, and others (all designated by the Project Owner, usually the householder for a downsizing, executor for a downsizing etc), to make selections for items to be kept and distributed, after which we take the remainder to market, charity, or otherwise dispose of.

For people who are not quite ready ready to move or part with their possessions, or in cases where an estate is contested, we are also able to produce an inventory as a stand alone service. This allows everyone the time they need to resolve any issues, whether they are emotional, physical, or legal. Whatever is holding you back, having an accurate and detailed inventory of what you have can be the first step in dealing with it.
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It's always worth keeping in mind how much it costs you to hang on to clutter. Real estate costs are at an all time high and the physical space that unused items take up can cost you a great deal. Rent on offsite storage, holding up the sale of a deceased estate, or simply locking up capital that could be earning interest, clutter can cost you real money. Living a cluttered life can also be more stressful and clearing out what you don't need is often a great relief. Canard Solutions can help you realise value in assets that are draining you financially and emotionally, while generating a return that can let you enjoys the benefits of an uncluttered life.
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Especially when downsizing or dealing with a deceased estate that was a family home, it's important to remember the size matters when it comes to furniture, and not in the way you might think.
Instinctively it makes sense that an antique bought 30 years ago would now be worth more, given that it's even older. In some cases this is the case. Often though, especially in the case of large items such as a Victorian 12 seat dinning table and chairs, it isn't. Some things, such as changes in fashion, may be viewed as cyclical and account for year to year variations in demand and prices.
More generally and, it seems, long term is the trend towards a smaller living space. This isn't simply a matter of baby boomers downsizing, but a general trend across all demographics, driven by the increasing cost of land. Fewer and fewer new houses have dedicated dinning rooms, so where a large, formal dinning suite would once be accommodated there is now a need for a multi-purpose table in a shared living space. This makes delicate tables with French polishes unsuitable for many people, who want a table that can take a bettering and be wiped down with a wet cloth without thought.
It is also important to value the opportunity cost when buying from a dealer, as opposed to buying from auction. By that I mean that by going to an antique dealer you may have far better luck finding exactly what you're looking for than you would at an antique auction, but the dealer factors in costs such as floor space in their showroom, and the capital they've paid for an item that may not sell for several years, which all significantly add to the cost. While it is in some cases possible to find the right private buyer if you have unlimited time, in the case of downsizing or deceased estates where there is some kind of deadline or storage costs are accruing this is often not practical.
While these are by no means the only pressures on the market, they play a big part in the lower prices antiques are fetching at auction than in the past, so it's worth keeping in mind that bigger is not always better when it comes time to sell your antiques.
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