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Candy Crate
Best Source of Old Fashion Candy & Bulk Candy!
Best Source of Old Fashion Candy & Bulk Candy!

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Chocolate Bunny Bark
Well Easter is long past and the shelf life on chocolate is 6-12 months. So what to do with those poor, forgotten chocolate bunnies?! Make candy bark of course! Put some water in a sauce pan to boil. Break your bunny into a glass bowl and place on top of th...

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Patriotic Oreo Truffles
What you need: 1 Package Oreo Cookies 1 Block Cream Cheese 1/2 Brach's Vanilla Almond Melting Bar 2 PKG Pop Rocks (red/blue) To make: Take out your cream cheese and allow it to soften at room temperature. Crush Oreo's in your blender or food processor until...

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Candy Corn Vase DIY
All you need are some empty (and cleaned) wine bottles, spray paint and fall flowers to create this fun and festive craft. Spread bottles out on old newspaper/trash bags etc. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area and begin spraying from the top down w...

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Spooky Hand Filled Treat Bag
Spooky classroom treat bags! Use smarties (or tootsie rolls or other long candy) for fingers, fill the rest with wrapped candy and tie with a ribbon. Add a fun Halloween ring for added interest. 

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Halloween Candy!
Don't forget to stock up on candy for the trick or treaters this Halloween! Here are a few of our favorite treats this year: Mini Peeps- individually wrapped and ready for passing out! Pumpkin Patch Orange Flavored Pop Rocks!  Can't go wrong with this fun K...

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Butterfinger Bark
Brach's Almond Bark (or melting chocolate) Candy Corn Cream Peanut Butter Melt half the bar of Almond bark in the microwave, stirring often. Once melted spread in a thin layer on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. Melt 1 cup candy corn in the microwave, stirri...

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Candy Corn- love it or leave it?
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Candy & Co.
Loving this Tiffany & Co. inspired candy assortment!

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