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Right or Left?
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Typo alert: "I now, me too."
When I went to school, the buses didn't have doors ... luxury ;)
I should repeat my preschool education then..
dat's de +ve thinking, me to repeat my preschool...
Ken B.
Must not be in the UK.
For me it's either, because I live practically in two countries, one driving on the left, the other driving on the right... ;)
i think the bus was going to right, because in Indonesia the door is in the left side.. :D
This was a question that supposed to tell people to look at things differently but in fact the underlying message is how to brainwash kids
FS Rain
I though it was coming my way.. Straight into my direction
the bus is not going anywhere, couse the picture is not moving
In that case, since I can't see the driver, it's obviously not going either direction.
Vee A
Hmm, I just felt like it was going to the left. I guess I'm weird...sad
I agree with the preschool children
Too bad, the grammar looks like it was put together by a preschooler
I feel like it should be "I know", not "I now". Grammar fail.
Gotta love it when someone re-uploads content as their own instead of resharing the original.
i India its right hand driving so in my case i would say it is going to the right
Meaningless. In what is clearly a simplified rendition, why would one assume that the door is a feature that merits inclusion, or think it important that one is not visible? I also don't see see a steering wheel, a gas cap, or a drive shaft. By that logic, I think the only safe assumption is that this bus is going nowhere.
think about UK please.
if it's in India or U.S. left but in U.K. right........cause door of the bus is other side.
Depends on the country but I agree i couldn't answer it. Grownups are looking for details while forgetting the simple things :)
that's great observation!
That's quite clever of the 90% to be honest!
If the question the artists really wants to know is "How do you feel now?" then my answer is pity that 90% of kids think buses are constantly moving forward. If the location of the door indicates the front of the bus, then what indicates that the bus is moving or that it is moving forward. On the plus side the comments left were more intelligible than the kids answers. 90% is a large percentage and it makes me wonder if the kids were coached or they discussed the answer collectively and they voted with peer pressure involved.
For most preschoolers the concept of right and left is pretty abstract. The 90% makes me wonder too.
Woooowwww this is quite an impressive feat
but the entrance can be in the back or the bottom or the top.
It is just their opinion why it is that way. Not all buses need to have a door on the left. Some have it on the right.
interesting puzzle Candice...regards from Mexico...! (nice picture from you in your profile)
+James Gillean Well, from my perspective the question is wrong. The question should be which direction the bus is facing.


I want to thank the creator of this quiz and the commenters from left-side-driving-countries! I wish internet had more possitive people and no negative, but its in human nature: few ppl create, many ppl steal.
We can't see in an interior or another side, therefore it must be flat, therefore if it had a door it would be shown on the visible side therefore f*** those children what do they know.
I felt stupid and then saw the last line and felt normal again...
Well, i thought it was perspective, so i said left haha
I thought it was coming my way, straight ahead... (hood and front lights).
one thing is truth: kids keep things simple

my answer to the question would be, none, the bus is parked
It's a flat bus, no one can tell.
Right .... I.e. Stop also there
I see a hover craft about to run me over...
to right..... door must be otherside of view.
And more than 90% UK children say "right"?
the bus is not moving dude it is parked :P
Judging by the poor drawing details, I'm assuming this is a door-less bus! :)
I thought it was a trick question, with the picture representing the grille and headlights, meaning the bus was coming straight at me.
Jon Lee
It is too blurry. Is this supposed to mean something.
I guessed straight ahead, but those are wheels not headlights.
The bus does not have a driver as it is computer operated and can go left or right
To left, if the driving side is right! :)
I now me too? wtf does that mean dumbass...
Wrong for Hong Kong, I suppose?
i think left because most cars on the road go left so my guess left
It's a cool question. They may wish to fix the typo in "I now, me too" to "I know, me too".
Wtf the bus had to be going to the right but who knows I'm Mexican
smart isn't it................
looking at the presence of the doors would provide info about where is the front of the car, but does not provide info what direction the bus is going.
Why does everyone keep talking about the "I now, me too" problem? The whole thing is bad grammar! Look at the first sentence! "Which way the bus is going?", "Can't you find?" and more. Who was this written for?
My daughter always found the answers to these things immediately, while I fumbled around for way-complicated answers that just weren't there - DUH.
In India the bus is going to the right... :)
<LIKE> I felt stupid and then saw the last line and felt normal again...
it does not make sense to me
Well personally, I worked it out without reading the bottom, because the door is almost always on the right of the bus. But then again, I'm 10, and they're only Pre-school.
hahah that's right... oowww I would love to be a kid again.. :)
Those kids are stupid. Buses also go backwards. LAME.
hola como estas soy dominicano y me gustaría conocer mas de la tecnología , y quiero estudiar ingeniería en sistemas
The only accurate answer given the available information in the picture is, "Its impossible to answer the question." Ninety percent of the children created disinformation to answer a question which had no available answer given the available information.

The 90 percent who surmised a conclusion from a lack of evidence will likely go on to believe in one of the world's many religions, be members of a political party, or otherwise have "faith" in something which is not evidential and therefore undeserving of faith.

This exercise merely points out why children need parents, as well as, education in critical thinking and logic.
Wow... i feel like an idiot. and i still ride a bus regularly!
I now? Think the kids may be able to spell "know" too!
children have become too smart. adults are in danger of extinction..
All it shows is that preschoolers are incapable of answering simple questions. It's not moving. It's a stationary childish drawing of a bus. Especially when the obvious can be pointed out that if it were in another country, it may be traveling the other direction, and you're assuming it's moving forward.

This is really just celebrating how stupid children are.
At first it looked like a front pic of a Star Trek TOS shuttle to me....
Umm, I guess the newest generation are like Baby Geniuses.
WOW! I squinted, hoping to see a 3D bus... But no such thing.
If you read what the rest of the picture says, you will find that it tells you that the bus is indeed, going left
i think it may be left..........................?,only guessing!!!!
Some of you guys are just angry you didn't have an answer!! The question is simple and it implies that it's a bus, that's moving right or left and it was asked to preschoolers in the USA not India not the UK and ”none” is not one of the options. 
i feel really dumb right now... lol
Might be going to the left in the USA but it would be going to the right in the UK. And no, I didn't get the answer either!!!!
Huh, this is old, I'm getting bored of it now.
it indecated "in USA". the answer should be To The Left. Nice and tricky question.
+John Verne It never gave a real answer, just that 90% of children said the same thing. It also mentioned that this was in the US so, if you did this study in England or India the answers would be opposite.
Very old thing. Show to kid one side of a car and ask how many wheels it has. Ask him to draw sky (not clouds that you just draw in your mind). You will be surprised.
That's a difference between child a adult. Adults try to see things far to complicated. To many ifs and life experience is hiding in our minds.
Wow, I must be messed up. My answer was either bus was coming toward us or bus was not moving at all.
It's going to the right because the bus is in Britain.
Jay Tee
Lol...I guessed.....left.....
Assuming this particular bus has a door at all or that it would be on the same side as a typical American school bus is presumptuous.
Why won't you morons let me in. I submint true info just to be called a liar?
"I now, me too." OR " I know, me too." Typo I guess.

I looked at the figure for a long time just to see if there was an illusion that made the bus move (just like the circles that move when in actual fact they aren't) .... me too, I felt silly ..:-)
Boy, do I feel dumb! But it's been many years since I rode a school bus. Dumb excuse too... forgive me, a senior moment. :)
“There's no such thing as a tough child - if you parboil them first for seven hours, they always come out tender.”
― W.C. Fields
Thought I was looking at a train that was coming at me.

Kids eat paint chips and stuff. Don't try to pretend they are brilliant. Everyone is born shitting in diapers.
for the countries which have right hand drive, bus is going right.
Not to be smart a**, what if the 'door' were in its 'back' which could be on either side, hum? tell me! . . . I'm sure Cmdr DATA would say "Not enough data to render an answer, Captain!".
Kinda sucks that I want to go pick on some preschoolers now. Which way did the jerk go, right or left.
The picture made me feel stupid lol i was thinking what the h is this type of question and when i got the answer at the bottom of the picture i really felt stupid the fact that 90% of children in preschool mind you got it right:-)
whaaaaaaaat??????????how did those preshoolers figure THAT out????
U need to try a little bit harder.
That's really great (except for the misspelling of "know" at the bottom)! And no, I didn't know the answer, either. ;-)
The point you are trying to make is that they were wrong right? Because that is clearly not an actual bus. The door could be anywhere it could be driving either direction on either side of the road or not moving. This just shows that the kids are narrow minded. I respect the group of them that said "I don't know" a lot more.
the bus is going straight the picture is from the back of the bus come on!
Good trick. Iam impressive by how clever kids in preschool pointed out the picture.
no, it is just a question of using your face and your legs at the same time, then you get the answer.
I'm English, the bus is going right.
This theory wouldn't apply to countries where they drive on the other side of the road. No doubt it is still quite a thought provoking question.
This question was asked to pedantic children in the UK. 100% said, "It's not going anywhere!"
joe g
Maybe the bus isn't moving, only the world beneath it! I know, it blows your mind
LOL I answered, "it's a space ship"... I forgot that the question was about a bus.. HAHA
it is really intresting just looking at that picture and it is very hard to work the answer out.
got it wrong those kids are smart being able to figure that out younger than me and getting it right
What?? I still dont get that! 
they all are too intelligent kids....!!! intelligent ans.!!!
For those super smart people who point out that the post specifies the USA, please re-read, in fact the USA is mentioned in the answer, not in the question.
The preschoolers just had a different frame of reference than adults. The creator of the picture tried to use that to make a statement about people's intelligence. Difficulty with spelling was also demonstrated by the creator. The result is that the creator doesn't look too smart. Really all there is to it.
sorry guys...The bus isn't going's static at one place..:)
Tori J.
How smart are those preschoolers? I didn't get it till they did....
It's one of those, "Ha! I tricked you, riddles." The fact that this may toy with most human minds simply means that we functioning normally. And by seeing this question as suspicious due to the bus being drawn in that fashion caused us over-think this. Making for predictable results. And a funny 10 seconds for internet viewers. So how do I feel now? Completely normal, cause I said, "What freakin' kind of bus is that? I'm a go draw a better one."
It spelled know wrong
How do you feel now?
از زمان دبستان اینو یادمه
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I don't feel that bad anymore, considering the person spelled 'know' wrong..
Its a shuttle craft coming right at me... yup, im such a nerd.. ;-)
When we get older we become complicated entities by simply forgetting basic and elemental things. LOVE KIDS, love the way they think and their innocence, and yes I feel stupid.
Preschoolers generally get left and right confused. Considering the rigour evident in the maker of the picture I doubt they could understand the research if it was ever even done, which I also doubt.
That makes me feel less intelligent!
i couldn't answer till i knew the children's answer
Not sure why children who aren't at school yet can rely on their getting on the bus themselves, come to think of it.
i guessed left........we have a lot of schools round my there are alot a buses....
Dang preschoolers got it right and i had no clue
To the right... I'm in England... think about it.
Now I fell dumb, preschoolers got it right and i was clueless
lol you people just got owned by preschoolers. (i got it)
wow... pwned by preschoolers. nice.
im must be stupid cause i had no idea ---- blonde moment
Feel stupid! Forgot to look at a small detail.
I thought that was a spaceship.... LOL
Well... Back to the drawing board...or should I say back to preschool.
Wrong for countries that drive on the left
That is not a is obviously a UFO and it is here to steal our children by making them think there is a door on the other side.
This is silly, because by adding conditions you can make up the right answer easily. I don't see an exhaust pipe to the left, so it must be going right. Additionally, to me it looks like it is coming at me with the headlights and 3 squares being lights.
the bus isnt moving
how can it be going right or left?
Guess I'd better go back and repeat preschool. I just hope it turns out like in Billy Madison.
wow the older you get the smarter?? talk about the dumber we get >.<
School bus, my ass! That's obviously a suspicious looking van.
Insufficient information supplied given diagram. Also long time since I rode a school bus....but never one that looked like that.
I also do not see the wheels at a different pitch. The bus has to be going forward or in reverse. I've never seen a bus move left and right before, other than turning.
I answered that it was a mobile home on logs so it wasn't going anywhere
Recently I bought Canon 550D and still working out to prepare a chit sheet like this. Still, I think this one can help me to some extent. Thanx...!!
There are doors on both sides on a bus. Kind of stupid test.
"I now, me too." seems like someone needs to get back into a bus and go to school:)
i was asked that to, i got it right!!! So proud now
And no one notices the fact that the question is nonsensical. "Which way the bus is going?" I guess 4 year-olds might not notice, but we should at least be stuck in our ways enough to notice that.
What if you're in England or Japan? In that case the 4 year old is making a mistake....
Sometimes kids sees different side of story. Could be naive. Not like adults, have preconceptions 
Depends. What country? OWNED! In most European countrys, you get on the bus on the RIGHT side!
The round things are headlights, and its COMING RIGHT AT ME! ARGHH!!!
Kids are so right! The door is always on the right side.
Are you smarter than a 5th grader you may ask.
cant tell what way but they also cant spell right either...notice the very last sentence...."i NOW, me too!" suppose 2 be "Know"
Wat if the bus is going backwards like reverse 
That tells you how many poor live in the U.S. that can NOT afford to have a car,licence,insurance coverage ,or pay the high prices for gas.These families have to do what they have to do.Even if it it is just to go get free food or have a job.
I said left because the hill tilted left, but then I realized I was holding my galaxy tab slanted.
I now??you mean "i KNOW"

Sorry had to point it out 
For ppl outside the US of A who drive vehicles on other side of the road, the bus is moving to the right. 
What bus? O.o All I see is a crappy shape on wheels. And if it IS a bus, then we're in the future where Bill Clinton gets elected president again!
I visualized it coming straight at me...and the thought of it made me feel good.
It's amazing to know what knowledge the little peoplez may have that we have yet to learn
To the right. We keep left wile driving in my country 
I'm British! the bus is going to the right!
Kids should learn about a place called the "UK"... 
I feel better for the young people of our future... More observant than I . 
Bus? Where is it?
Not true. Around the world there are many buses with doors on the both sides.
The concept about 'which way the bus is going' relies on an abstration of this image. If you can see a bus on that draw than you used some abstrative thought. If you can't imagine that it is under movement so you cannot find any sign that represents a motion, also you cannot find the direction...
which way the bus going
where u want
I should read the comments before I comment next time. :P
What if the pic is not the bus that the question is referring to?? It never clearly relates the two. It is merely assumed that the picture is indeed the bus in question...
I'd like to say this bus going to the right.
Why? Because I'm live in Indonesia. The door to get on the bus is on the left side.
It demonstrates that when kids are given a 50/50 chance they get it right 90% of the time as opposed to adults who get it wrong 90%. Probably due to undernourished imagination and the crushing weight of social pressure adults lose a bit of their instinctual ability with only experience to compensate and minds narrowed by dogma.
smart lil' pre. ks lol i thought right i feel dumb now o_O
To see this image of a bus, you must be on the other side of the road. So, the driver is on the left side, right? It is logical to say that the bus is going left, right?
@Candice Handlon. thx. fr mking us feel dumb, yourself too. STUPID!!!
I got a strong feeling of dumbness when I looked at the answer. But then I realized that in my country (Jamaica), the direction that persons drive is different than that in the USA. So even if I logically thought the same way as the children thought, my answer would still be wrong, due to the difference. lol
what about a British bus? Their doors are on the left side.
Also, you spelled know wrong.
OMG, I don't known how to say
I just asked my 5 year old son. He got it right, randomly I think. When I asked him why, he had no explanation. So either he is part of the bottom 10%, or this is bullshit. Called me biased, but I call it BS.
Ben Hsu
Dude I feel dumb now
WHAT IS THE ANSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But it could be the opposite in somewhere like Australia
right or left? who the heck cares? lets go kill a dragon.
If the kids were in India, they would have said " It's going right."
There is not enough information provided to accurate answer the question. How so? There is no evidence of there being a door, nor is there any for the claim of it being a bus, aside from the statement endorsing such and the basic design the image seems to convey.
sooo i have thebrain of a kindergardener? coz i knew it form the start
I wish people would learn fucking grammar before making shit like this. It's kind of distracting when the text was written by a goddamn retard.
wtf, when you get it you will shitbrix @_@
i just did!
Even the comments in here ↑ ....fucking idiots. Learn to fucking spell, people.

No, know
They're, there, their
Its, it's

If you can't tell the difference, go eat your own stupid face.
damn, those little kids are genius's :O...Einstein.....i have failed you.. #ShamefulDisplay
I feel so stupid right now. OOOOOOH MYYYYY GODDD !!!!
Neither, it's going away. See, it has exhaust pipes, back windows and emergency exit.
I do commend the kids for ONLY abstractly solving the position of the vehicle's entrance door regardless of nationality. But, it does NOT indicate movement.
Right for right hand drive but left hand drive wrong answer.But answer given by American kids this answer is right.
The bus is going STRAIGHT. Dumb kids...
Mostly doors are at the opposite side of the driver seat.But both the left and right handed driving is in practice.So it depends on the region where the question is asked.
not clever than a preschool
this is a drawing nothing else simple
If you're in the UK, don't be afraid to answer incorrectly...
Hu Lu I know that the 90% of the preschool children in US are very clever.
Shame they got 'now' and 'know' mixed up...
I guess those kids never rode a bus in England.
Right or Left? Let us not drag little kids into partisan politics.
sometimes kids are better than adult. mind it!
the door is on the other side so it must be going to left.
but it depends on which country you're living.
in india the door is on the left side of the bus. so its going right.
i think it should be worded which side is the front, and point out the fact its in the usa, i still feels stupid though :(
Yep I don't believe the post about the 90% at all, it's so full of spelling mistakes there's no way this came from a reputable source... 
Left. Right. Does it matter? Children shouldn't be part of partisan politics.
I said left.... I couldn't think of why though.. hehehe
@Yasir Ahmed Yes you are right but usually when this question is given, the questioner tells the location where the bus is running.
This was a question that supposed to tell people to look at things differently but in fact the underlying message is how to brainwash kids
It's not going anywhere if it where there would be exhaust
Hmmm, I think the vehicle is parked. :-)
and some people haven't been on a bus so they wouldn't know, now would they?
I've travelled on the bus, but still I didn't get that
hehe, they made a mistake. They said "I now, me too" but it's supposed to be "I know, me too."
Desde luego que me dí cuenta de inmediato ... hahahaha
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