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Did you know that there are drivers out there that swerve intentionally to hit turtles and snakes? Some of the species that are injured/killed are even endangered species.

If you see a turtle in the road and want to help him across, always take him to the side where he or she is headed. 

Always make certain of your own safety and the safety of your children if you stop your vehicle and get out to help a turtle.
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At the insistance of my 12 year old daughter, I rescued a turtle on a country pissed all over me as I picked it up....I had an 8 hour drive, with wet, smelly pants (my daughter refused to allow me to drive in just my underwear).
LOL +Michael Ringland  It's not a glamorous task at times but kudos to you ... and your daughter ... for helping save a life like that :)

And you're right +Sheila Garl ... there is something seriously wrong with a person that would deliberately hurt/kill an animal in this fashion. It's a concept that I just can't understand :(  I'm so glad to see yet another person here that would take the time to help!
In Australia we have a problem with Kangaroos...they have absolutely no road sense, seemingly hop INTO the path of moving vehicles, and often they have young in their pouch....I have seen too many hit by cars, and left abandoned. I have to stop and check for young. It does stop the chatting in the car.
I'd like to add cats, rabbits and birds to the list too that are hit by the traffic. Unfortunately, animals aside...most people don't even see the cyclists! 
It's heartbreaking when there is nothing you can do ... when the animals have no concept of the danger they face doing that.

I couldn't even begin to imagine how difficult it must be to stop ... and find a young one at the scene :(  I wish more people would stop and do what they can like that :(
It's great to see you make an effort to educate people to rescue these innocent little animals! Google+ is an excellent ground to start with... Keep up the good work! +Candace Hansen
In Australia we have a group called "wires"...they rescue animals in distress. In reality most young will die, it's just leaving them on the road is too difficult for me to cope with, so I  call the nearest wires person, and keep the young in a box...maybe some have survived is my hope. I feel less upset about cats wandering around ...and as for rabbits - I grow my own vegetables and struggle with rabbits, so I don't feel any sympathy for them at all....(not very consistant am I?).
It's my passion in life ... to do whatever I can to help those creatures that so many don't give a second thought to.  Even if all I can do is help one along the way, the effort was definitely worth it :)
It is ... it leaves me in a state of shock whenever I think about it. But it looks like quite a few people here care so that gives me hope that this other people are in the minority. I would like to believe that most will stop and help ... not swerve and kill.
That doesn't mean we should crush them. Animals will do what they are supposed to do - wander around, look for food etc. They are living beings...They deserve to be rescued too! +Michael Ringland
i saw a turtle on the rod yesterday..... picked it up and put it on the side! safe and sound!
It was that damn Mario that taught people crushing turtles was good.
well at least he has a reason if he doesnt he'll die :(
1 species already went extinct, although they would be impossible to run over. 
I even save snails on pathways, just pick them up and move then because when I come back to that spot I know it will have been crushed by feet.
When ever my mother and I are driving and see a turtle on the road, we stop and move it to the other side so the turtle won't get crushed.
dude why bring snails into this SAVE THE TURTLES DIE SNAILS(just joking ok).
We do this in Florida all the erks alot of people when we stop traffic to do
If they do hurt anyone they are usually a snapping turtle.
This is so sad :( My family and I have been helping them across the roadway for years. 
I m scared of lizards but last time i was in western australia i saw 2 on the road in 2 separate occasions n i swerved to avoid them :). I m scared of them but it doesn't mean they should die.
that's sick! why would you like to intentionally hurt animals? I can never bring myself to watch more than 10 min of AP's animal cops without starting to cry :(
I do my best to avoid turtles but it's not always possible. Maintaining control of my semi for my safety and the safety of other drivers comes first. But when I can, which is most of the time, I will miss them. 
that is something that absolutely drives me NUTS! Poor turtles :(
I will always try I love turtles!
I always avoid hitting turtles, but snakes... sorry I'll always aim for those things.
I always avoid hitting turtles, but hippos... sorry I'll always aim for those things
I saw one too  late to stop, had to go up to make a U-turn so I could pick him up off the highway and some Arsehole in a big white truck purposely ran righ over him! There was no one in any of the other lanes, he could have moved. Sometimes I really hate humans!
I don't believe the statistic. I don't see how someone could figure out how many drivers intentionally try to hit animals on the road. I also don't understand why someone would do that. Never mind the fact that the turtle is a living thing, I don't think someone would risk denting their car or popping a tire.
I LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE turtles it do sad wat PEPOLE can do with these animals like abandoning dogs cats and birds etc these pepole don't understand wat they would feel if they were crashed by a car.
I've even gotten out of my car, picked the turtle up and moved it to the grassy side and off the macadam!
I love all reptiles and anyone who would run over them on purpose is just sick.

I see a turtle I stop and carry him across the road
Wow,I always stop and move turtles. Always. There is no way I could intentionally swerve to hit an animal with my car...what a terrible way to go.
I always stop and get the turtles (and other reptiles) out of the road! I'm such a reptile lover, I never want to see one get hurt!
If I saw turtles were I come from I would move them too!
i've never seen a reptile on the road besides deers, crows, and such.

except for that one time....there were those chickens....awk.
I would never intentionally run over a turtle...but I have been known to hit a snake on purpose!
+Sheila Garl Thanks for the source. The study seems to be one that is actually realistic, unlike most studies. Why someone would swerve to hit an animal is beyond me though.
These are truly awful stats =( it makes me angry that people can be this heartless. 
I agree he's so adorable that little turtle. For all the turtles that had to have this happen to them... R.I.P 😭😢
I love animals too but are u a hippy I had a hippy teacher for 4 Wednesday mornings and she was a hippy & she sounded just like u!
nope. i don't think i'm anything like a hippy. i just like turtles
Awe :( The photo of the turtle makes the whole story. They are an amazing creation!!! I haven't seen any turtles in the road but if it will happen though - I will lead and help them across. <3
I pull off the road and move them along....snakes too.
they hurt people when they are left squished on the road as it creates a hazard avoid hitting them if not putting your life in jeopardy to do so.
hai candace how are you i am fine  how do life is gone
I have moved a few turtles over the years. One was already injured so we nursed it back and then released it. I have always loved turtles!!!!!
I see dead turtles aaaaallllllll the time! Two of my pet turtles got hit. Rip Pumpkin and Peanut. 
Come on people ur worrying about turtles when babies are being aborted everyday!!! Get a life!! I mean ya don't run over turtles but don't kill babies!! What did they ever do to u give them a chance!
Running over turtles and snakes is like squashing spiders. Most of the world's population don't get that spiders help reduce the amount of bugs like mosquitoes. I haven't moved a turtle yet 'cause there aren't many around my place and I don't like riding in cars, but a few years ago I saw someone run over a was sad. :(
I care more about turtles than aborted babies. 
why would you want to kill a turtle as in run it over
love turtle if i ever see one on the road id take it homecoz just love the so cute id three meany years ago thay dead love more but cant buy them now 
I actually read about that in a book. That proffeser who put out rubber snakes and turtles to see what would happen.
But how else are we supposed to kill goombas? I can't find any stars laying around and fire throwing is apparently frowned upon.
Dead animals on the road makes me so angry about peoples attitudes,assholes!
only someone stupid would crush these little cuties!
I ran over a turtle by accident once because I didn't see it. :-(
Pay attention to which way the turtle/tortoise is going. Always place the critter on the side of the road it was heading towards, or it will just walk right back into the road. Never grab a tortoise off of the road and place it in your lap in the car, because it will pee on you ( a lot ).
be merciful with turtles<3
ill love turtles , killing them for what that just means u dont understand the true meaning of life
My cousin thought it wud be funny to hit one but i moved so he cudnt but still the cruelty of some people
i love animals and has always wanted to help wildlife! this has made me push foward into becoming a wildlife helper. I WILL PROTECT YOU!!!!!! i may be 9, but that doesnt stop me.
Some people can be so mean i cant stand them
people who are cruel to animals are cruel in general and are shitty people.try doing that to someone who can fight back
Where I live people deliberately will try to hit a baboon,goat,snakes,frogs. We stopped someone,asked why he hit a mommy goat as she tried to cross a busy intersection - we got the finger and fowl language.She died the next day.
aawwww so cute but y would they want 2 crush them
Excuse me, wild animals, creatures should b living in their natural habitat, not in the houses. thats why we are not allowed 2 keep them as pets, by law. That too species which r listed in endenged species. its a crime, entitled to punishment.
I've always hated to see innocent animals killed on roadways. It's cruel and heartbreaking, and I've wondered why we can't place tunnels every half mile or so, and fence alongside the highways. The animals are just doing what's natural, and deserve to.
That is so cute. It makes me feel bad when I hear about animal's suffering.
For the people that can't imagine someone intentionally running over an animal, you obviously have never seen it first hand. Some humans suck.
<- amazed that ppl would do that on purpose. -1 for +humanity
so sad why would i crush a beautiful turtle!:(
We found an enormous snapping turtle in the middle of the road once. My father decided to save it, so he used a long two by four (he wasn't interested in being bitten) and coaxed it back into its swampy habitat on the side of the road. Save The Turtles! :D
I can't imagine why someone would want to drive over a turtle intentionally... what monsters!
everyone who loves animals are nice people cause wildlife has rights but not to be killed! once isaw on news that duke of cambridge wanted to save te black rhinos! :)
We have desert tortoises, and they're shy creatures -- gentle and very fond of cactus fruit and various flowers.  If you ever see a desert tortoise, don't pick them up.  If you frighten them into peeing, they'll lose all their stored moisture and die of dehydration.
i love animals and i would never kill one! x
But thats a tortoise not a turtle
Whenever I see a turtle on road I always make my mom stop so I can get it out of the road.

i'm disgusted by these retched things we call humans we've destroyed many animals homes and have destroyed a lot of speices
i will never hurt a turtle!!! or any other animal. i would rater die!!!! LOL  i love them
You never can tell if you are saving a ninja turtle! Save them all safely!!
u are totally correct . . . .we must save the animals with all our might
What kind of an a$$hole would purposely run over a turtle...
i think that ninja turtles r cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So is "they hurt no one" criteria for not killing an animal?  By contrast, does that mean I can kill animals that hurt?  Poor logic, IMO.
turtles and snakes are not only beautiful, but they are beneficial. I always try to save them.
N Smith
The only dead thing on UK roads is squirrels and the tarmac 
I hate seeing dead animals in the road. We seem to always see deer, racoon and skunk that have been hit. I had a Kitty that got ran over, too. :(
I saved a turtle once, it was crossing the street and I told my husband to get it because somebody probably would've ran over it. There's mean people in this world and we gotta make it A good place to live so Be nice to everyone even animals because one day they could save you.
u r right also......fine concept....
When we lived in the country we always stopped and moved them when we saw them.
How could anyone do that to a turtle ! The things have like 0 malice...

I can partly understand people trying to hit snakes (dont condone it) but a turtle !
poor turtle 
how could someone hurt it its so cute
I actually saw a lady helping a turtle on a road beside the Des Plaines River, in the suburbs of Chicago, US. I hope everyone does.
Some humans are mean  that is for sure!
I don't want to harm any animals... But idiots stopping in the middle of the highway to "rescue" a turtle is VERY DANGEROUS.

Don't be STUPID, people! Pull OFF THE ROAD or don't do it!
if anyone finds one of them help them
Ray MJ
Those idiots you can call whatever you like but please do not call them Humans!!!
i would go pick them up and put them in the grass next to the road
Why did no one invent the turtle crossing sign yet? 
ahh poor turtle. my dad stoped and helped a tutrle cross the srteet once
I love turtles they are so cute especially dolphins
no we will never hurt you cause you are the face of god 
The also live a slow painful life though...
I lOVE turtles!!! <3 (•‿•)
I dont know why people kill unharming animal. Save the animal save us
The drivers can't see the turtles, but the turtles can't see the drivers. Even the earthworms have problems to avoid being stepped on, of course.
my mom almost ran over a turtle once and then my dad started screaming at her
I feel like crying....Aww...
Janu S
Turtles are beautiful, must always be protected.
Jay W.
i cant believe this, why would people want to crush a little cute turtle?!?!
hey what about if its a snapping turtle im not losing my finger
Its encouraging to know there ppl out there who have got hearts. Press on guys itts a right thing to do.
We have stopped on a busy street to help them cross. Mankind and Womankind need to be animalkind.!
Wait people actually try to hurt animals crossing roads? :( 
+Jayla Watts  there are really rude and hostile people out there... can't blame them though, perhaps they also need attention... PSYCHIATRIC in nature I would say..
I'm wondering what the person crushed before the turtle. This is what Sociopaths do before killing people. The person needs to be reported and then watched..
Dragging turtles out of the road...done that.  Living and dead.  I love turtles.
in india we hit human beings all run away..ha ha ha.. its common
I love turtle soup.  But seriously I swerve to miss them.  I'm teaching my kids who are learning to drive to avoid hitting them.  They are only worth 1 point.  Not worth cleaning the vehicle.  Now squirrels are five points, totally worth it.  Birds are 10, unless they are flightless, then only 8.
Terrapins are cool, I've saved a couple myself.  But my wife wanted me to stop and rescue a snapping turtle.  Not happening.
I saw a hidden video thing one time where they put a fake turtle in the road to see what drivers would do... The vast majority swerved to avoid...Only a whack job would intentionally hit a turtle!! I avoid 🐍's on the road, but when a poisonous one gets to close to the yard where my 🐶's play, I kill it!! I have had too many 🐶's bitten, and I won't tolerate the bad ones close to my babies!!!
I could have gone my whole life without hearing this....
This is sad, specially cuz my dad purposly aims for chipmunks
i always pick them up and save them well i let my parents pick them up and i take care of them till we but them in  a lake :)
Never swerve to miss an animal... At the end of the day your life is more important than a turtle...
my dad risked his life helping a turtle
awwww now i have to look at the road when i drivee these turtles dont have feelings they are not human just renember
Turtles are a very unique part of nature and should never be killed or anything close to becoming endangered!!! <3
That's right I saw a man do that
I love turtles, always have as a kid. You can count on me to not run one over.
My father-in-law once bought 2 turtles put them in the pale with left over foods; when i saw the helpless turtles i already had in my mind that i would free them when night comes, so i got them and set them free on the river. It's not good to keep them like some kind of prisoner, because GOD created all the things in the world as free. 
I saw a snaper that had been injured from the undercarrage of the cars. I had to help it.
I love animals including turtles, but I'm more of an endangered species than they are. There's only ONE of me, and if I cannot stop or swerve, then I'm sorry. Choice of them or me: ME always wins. But if I can stop, I usually do. Actually I've stopped a number of times to get turtles off the road.
thats true ronnie i have two turtles that live in my creek in my backyard and they have the space they need and the good thing is that they dont run away from where they r becaue they know i love them very much
i would never ever hurt an animal (o:
In Britain our country lanes are littered with road-kill, birds of prey, badgers and foxes and even the occassional dear, very sad to see but what can you do if they just run out, it's not always safe to swerve. I have stopped for ducks crossing the road a few times. I don't understand people who would go out of they're way to kill defenceless animals for fun, I think it's illegal.
That is the most disturbing thing is when you see an animal in the road and wonder if they even tried to stop before they hit it!
I love turtles.They are hurtless and lovely.
Its good to save animals like turtle,but what about snakes,dangerous viper that can send you to hell straigu-up. What do you guys think about such if you have opportunity to kill them.
we saw a show on tv were there were a lot of turtles trying to cross a road they got killed my cars, so they finally built a underground tunnel to divert the turtles to be able to cross to that other side of the road without being hit by the cars, and they said it works really good, the turtles lives are save in that area and turtles fatality reduced to almost zero i think..
I'm a fedex driver and even I keep from hitting turtles and many other animals. Being alert is the key most people are to busy with a cellphone to notice a turtle crossing.
My mom and i were driving yester day on the way back from Pennsylvania, and we saw one on the road and i asked if we could keep it but it was already way back their. but anyways i have a eastern painted turtle, we found it at are duck pond
Aw what lovely post. I am a huge animal fan and hate any cruelty towards them. I move all animals aside, even when a hedgehog ever so cutely thought curling up could save him from a car. I also stop to move dead animals, as long as there not too far gone, especially ones that could be pets. I would be gutted if soneone left my dogs i be flattened! Id love someone to leave me alone in a room with anyone who can run a dog over and just drive away
did this a couple of weeks ago for a large painted turtle near lake erie.  we swerved to miss it, turned around, went back and put it on the other side.  good deed for the day.
i have a baby turtle at home. i love them as a house pet for my baby brothers and sister they are very harmless ♥
i feel so angry at people who kill all of these animals,its sooo cruel.
I love turtles! Take care and live forever 😊
"I Like Turtles" But getting out of your car and endangering you and others to scoot a turtle across the road is not the best of ideas. Also snapping turtles hurt when they bite and their neck has a really long reach.  Best to swerve if possible and not get out of your car to help. 
+Michael Ringland in certain desert areas of the country, you never want to pick turtles up or scare them because they will likely piss and very likely die of dehydration because they are naturally flow to find water. I hope that wasn't the case :/
That's horrible!!! I would stop to try and save one!
That happen too but not all the time here in africa

Add me at my email

I would like to meet different people from other parts of the world
soooo sad i caught a turtle just last saturday
Aww. turtles can't even dodge the things tht will crush them cuz they r so slow :(
save animal, save birds, save natural thing there r very impotent for us....
So adorable I saved two turtles from being crushed I felt awesome
Can't tell you how many times I've actually pulled off the road to pick up a turtle and place him on the side of the road. In the couple of cases where the turtle was of the "snapping" variety, I gently kicked/nudged to the side of the road - always in the direction they were headed.

Yes, sometimes, very rarely, traffic politely waited for me to finish. Never once was a horn honked and never was a dirty word exchanged. It seems many people share our concern but are simply too engaged elsewhere to bother. Just the same, they don't seem too busy to be bothered with waiting a few seconds for someone else to do it for them.

I would never do this on a busy highway. Sorry, I'm worth more than a turtle on my worst days.
Thanks for sharing this, Candace. This is something I have always felt very strongly about.
We have 9 baby turtles in our yard and three big ones (the other 5 big ones ran away).  They make the most adorable pets - sooo cute!  Just watching them eat lettace is fun.  I'm going to post their picture.
I remember when I was a kid growing up in Georgia and I would cry because my grandpa would aim to run over them. Holy turtles.
Who would want to harm one of the most harmless creatures in the world...1+ for Pro-turtle movement.
There is something seriously mentally ill about anyone who would run over an animal on purpose.
Crush you, grind you, put you into soup. Mmmm.
I think you should try and save the turtle if possible, but if your on a highway then just avoid it >_<
Oh sweety, no one would do that.. We love seeing you crawling.. :D
If it is so important to save the lives of turtles, why not the lives of babies who are killed every day simply because they're not wanted? 
I'll definitely stop for a turtle or try to avoid...but if I see a snake I'll probably won't mind running over it. Also u can't just pick-up an alligator turtle without it trying to attack you so I probably won't be picking those up..
Alison Christine Wisdom^
lets start with humans....
Careful if you pick up a snapping turtle, their necks are at least half as long as their body and they don't let go of what they are holding onto...including YOU!
I stop and move them into the ditch, poor lil guys. Breaks my heart when I see broken shells. 
i once had a pet turtle..... got to big so we couldn't keep it :(
people shouldnt kill animals if there not bothering them!
yesterday i saved a suicidal turtle
So True! Also i agrree agree with Kaylee Baker! Right On!
If you want to run over an animal come to Canada where Deer are so overpopulated they're a pest on the road, in your garden, in the fields, attacking dogs. Come here for some road mayhem and leave the turtles alone.
Thanks,there is no reason to kill turtles!Turtles shouldnt be ran over just becuz they are in the shouldn't do that it is just wrong!
So true! I absolutely love turtles!
My whole family stop and leap out to stand sheep up the right way, rescue hedgehogs and scare ducklings off the road.

It's what Jesus would want. Jesus loves hedgehogs. 
People deliberately do this? That's barbaric. In Australia I do it to cane toads. But they simply pop and are an invasive species that are causing massive damage to multiple ecosystems
If turtles didn't touch u them don't hit ,bite ,run over, not even eat them
I've rescued 2 or 3 before :) I always help when I see one
please do not kill them i mean this from the heart
As the turtle man might say... Live Action!  I've saved a few wayward turtles down here in Florida.
Save the turtles!!  Give back to nature!
+Dan O'Brien its a quick death for an animal causing the slow and painful death to millions of native species.
totally plus who would want to kill a baby turtle thats so flippin twisted
plz guys save turtle's....:)
well depends on the snake, I've rescued turtles and salamanders many times, but some snakes..
So my granny is an animal cuse i help ha over the street
I agree! and besides whats not to like in turtles!!
Where in the middle of the road this is south africa our taxis love killing animals expecialy grannys
I no ino sas not for the faint hearted :-P
This is sa we hit cows everyday..... Thers not always time to go to the super market
eatin a turtle?! they r sooooooo cute!!!!!!!
Fresh cow also tastes much beta than prossesed meat
my papa found a turtle in the middle of the road last year... he stopped and picked it up and took it home and then let it go.
...saved a caterpillar recently which was going to cross the street. Afterwards I did some research about it. Well, the result: it was a Thaumetopoea processionea -.-'
At least it didn't harm me...
Jea ive saved a ant before helped it cross the street but a bird caut it out of my hands and then the bir flew into a window just to free a bee wich stung me sadly the ant and the be did not make it but the bird is doing just fine
aww i feel so sorry for it when i start driving i will stop for the turtle to cross
Yes but that bird flew to its brother telling him about the turtel in my garden so the eagle came to catch my turtel but my turtel is a ninja turtel well more like a suma wrestler so my turtel was to fat and too strong that the eagle changed his mind and now they are great friends
I thought they were Ninja turtles. ?!?

It's true. I feel sorry for them too.
people need to pay attention more often
leave the turtles alone.. do not hurt them, they are gentle animals.. if u hurt an animal as gentle as a turtle, what kind of animal are u.. we are all co-inhabitants in this world.. we need to learn how to co-exist and respect our fellow co-earth dwellers
should i pay attention to the cars i might hit if i swerve to miss a turtle, or should i just worry about the turtle. I have a pet turtle, but they are just animals, and if I can't help it, I can't help it, right?
I am not am environmentalist wacko,  and I hunt and fish, but intentionally running over an animal is cruel. Though there is the other side of it as well, if there is one in front of you and you have to swerve to miss it and end up wrecking your car, that is not good either. My dad is a auto body tech and he gets cars in all the time that ar wrecked that way
My wife saved a turtle last week that was in the middle of a road.
Great advise, we have 12 turtles in recovery here, thank God for Super Glue & rubber bands!!!! Thank you for building more awareness for the safety of our shelled shareholders saving the planet.
Who swerves to hit turtles????  Wtf.  I get out of the car and move them to the side of the road!
Paula G
I always stop to help;;
and always will ..
i saw a turtle once it was in the road and i named it Bob
that is sad that they die a slow and painful death. my sister named her imaginary friend bob
I bet their death is pretty damn fast when they get run over. Especially when I do it with my truck.
I really appreciate that you're posting this... I stop every time I see a turtle on the side of the road and help it across :)
Yes I even own a truck as you can tell but I have always tried to help out turtles. I took one to sckool once and it still lives as the class pet in my old fifth grade class.
+Dan O'Brien its not a matter of animals I like and don't like.
Cane toads are an invasive species. They poison our birds, snakes, crocodiles, out compete our native frogs and toads and generally just cause havok on the ecosystem.

There is no proven way to contain them or eradicate them, also the CSIRO is experimenting with ants.

I am not going out their and stabbing them, pulling their legs off or spraying them with anticeptic/covering them with salt. A death under a Tyre I think as well as most people in Australia is a painless way to help control numbers.
I remember when I was going home one day and a yellow and black turtle was crossing the road. We stopped and put it back in the marsh, where it would be safe. :)
Here in texas there's always turtles crossing the road where I live so I've created a little sanctuary for them to live in peace
i love turtles they are so cute and small!!!!!!!!!
Lol I plus the pic because I thought it said wouldn't.
thats sad that people would want to do that D:]
maya k.
sooo sad love turtles
I wike tuwdews . No really I do and would share this to friends but can't find a share button anywhere???
This makes me sad. Poor little fellas :-( 
Save the turtles lives but abortion is still legal. Common sense is lacking here...Oh yeah just a bunch of tissue. How bout we save human AND turtle lives alike eh?  
Only when I'm playing Mario! Otherwise I love turtles! Lol
we had a turtle in our yard, i was watching it, i picked it up and put it in the sink in the kitchen, i washed it off, and took it back out side, it started digging a whole, and i was so curious i sat and watched it as it kept digging, after a little while, she had three eggs, or sacks, i watched HER as she laid her babies, and then covered them up, after that she moved on, i found her in the street, so i picked her up an put her far away from the street. her babie will (hopefully) be born in the early fall. wish us luck with these. Hdonad
Aww thats sad that someone would want to even do things like that.
Why would someone intentionally want to run over a turtle, it makes not sense to me at all :(
haha turtle. but sad...
My grandfather always helped them across, so do I.  Quick and easy to do.
i love turtles its so true that people will go out of the way to hurt animals i and most of them are harmless its wrong to hurt some thing that is not even bothering you keeping them safe is our job save the turtles !!!!
I don't know why people senselessly hurt turtles or animals in general
I hate when I see a dead turtle... I can understand accidently hitting something that moves a bit faster, but turtles can very easily be avoided.
And God put all of us on this earth for a reason we each have a role to play humans and animals alike life is a precious thing no matter who or what u are
Omg that is so sad animal cruelty is one of the most disgusting things ever who ever does something bad to an animal deserves it back
I would always help turtles cross the road its just not right to intentionally kill turtles 
only complete (excuse my french) Faggots would intentional hit turtles. And yes, I did know that they do that. I did a mini trial of this myself and I was horrified by the morons who swerved to hit them. The turtles were rubber of course.
Thank you for sharing this... I would encourage you to bring this to the attention of our Congressman and Senators and let them know that this is unacceptable. I hope to do the same thing myself, once I get more information about this cruelty.
I helped a turtle twice, I wish I could do more. :)
Do you know how to say: "All bees were of the nectar to the hive, and only a small, evil and harmful - tar ...". So that's something we have many young divorced (by intelligence) and harmful (by education) lousy pests. But I do not recall that when I have somebody knocked. Often, you go in the morning, while on the road, or the remnants of clumps of animals. That would be such a pest to leave for the night on a road-related, and in the morning to see: a living - it means the science, if not - it was a long time here on earth delayed. I can say: "I am also not perfect," and I have a sin, not specially taken for the soul. In the morning driving to work, there is a slight rise where the houses on one side, 65 km / h. The rise of just passed, the dog runs across the counter with diagonal stripes in my direction, slowed, but did not, the car jumped as much. Included emergency gang, stood out of the car and went back ... Scary ... came up, help is needed. He stood in a stupor, he was afraid that someone will see the dog took to the sidelines in a ditch and left quickly. I went on another road for almost a month, and then forgotten, or anyone, and never will tell what happened, though not forgotten, on the rise now very attentive. That confession. Though think of ourselves as good, not like everything, but we - the same ... no excuses.
when i was little i had like 9 turtles and used them for pets i will try to help all i can
Awwwww that is so sad......
Just watch out when you pick that critter up- they just LOVE to pee all over you if they get a chance. :-) Experienced turtle-movers always use towels.
i found a box turtle in my yard, it was so dirty i put her in the sink and washed her off, took her back outside and she started digging a hole, have you ever seen a turtle dig before, this was my first, anyway i watched her, when she got the hole deep enough, she laid her eggs in the hole, i have never been so fascinated, she laid three eggs/pouches, they spent time and covered them up. then she took off, i saw her down the street, i put her in the grass, the babies will/should be born early fall, i hope i get to see this wonderful birth. Helen
My friend almost ran over a turtle once. The turtle had gone underneath her car when It was parked In her driveway. Took almost 45 minutes to get It out.
As tartarugAs e doce vida livre como um passaro
Ooohoo! We havent got a ploblems like this in our countryside, cos turtles didn`t like our cold climat and haven`t got the normal conditions for better and comfortable living here! But we`ve got some problems on the roads far from big cities, in a countryside with racoons and foxes... By the way i know that it can help some animals not only in the USA.. And i know that my translation and reposting this post on Russian will help some people in a good cause.

Перевожу на русский для всех к то в Лос-Анджелесе и не знает английского... :)
Пожалуйста! Поделитесь с другими чтобы спасти жизни!
Знаете ли вы что сществуют водители, которые нарочно подруливают на дороге, чтобы задавить черепах или змей? А ведь некоторые из видов животных которые калечатся или убиваются относятся к находящимся под угрозой исчезновения видам.
Если вы видите черепах поперек дороги и хотите им помочь, всегда относите их в сторону от дороги - туда, где и полагается им находиться.
Убедитесь в том, что вам не придется рисковать собственной безопасностью и безопасностью ваших детей, когда будете резко тормозить, чтобы остановить автомобиль или когда будете выходить из него на проезжей части, чтобы помочь черепахе.

This is my russian translation of this post, i think it will helps in your good undertaking and my participation will help save some little and wonderfull animals.
Bom dia minha amiga.a natureze que deus crio o homem nao tira.temos que preservar essa linda tartaruga.conto com sua presenca contra as matancas. 
this should come under animal abuse.
Aww so adorible why would someone harm them......omg!!!!!!.....
why? because some people are so consumed
by cruelty, that they cannot help themselves,
not an excuse, just saying
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