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Canadian Comfort Heating & Cooling Systems

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How They Work A hybrid heating system heats and cools your home using the combination of a heat pump with a natural gas or propane furnace. Hybrid heating systems, also known as “dual fuel heating,” are popular because they improve the performance of the…

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Facts to Know About Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats can do wonders. Read this guide to know more.


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There are numerous benefits to be enjoyed when using ductless air systems. Many experts consider them the “future of air conditioning.” Let’s take a look at some of those advantages below. No bugs or rodents Nobody wants rats or mice in their house, yet…

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Getting to Know More About Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps save money and energy! Get to know more:


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Cleaner HVAC Coils Make All The Difference To a Healthier Home

A dirty HVAC coil can affect air efficiency. Have it cleaned now! Call 519-686-1587 for inquiries.


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Hike the humidity for healthier air. Learn more here: or call us at (519) 686-1587


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Programmable thermostats work similarly to the older manual models. The internal microchip determines the current indoor temperature, then controls the heating and cooling system to adjust to your desired temperature. It does this by sending start or stop…

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Most people who have an HVAC service plan may assume that coil cleaning comes with the yearly maintenance. It may not always be the case. Homeowners should always ask about their coil cleaning if they are not sure. Unclean coils can cause a lot of…

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How to Have a Clean Air Inside Your Home and Workplace?

Air quality is key in your home and office; breathe easy!


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Making Your Own Cozy Place with First Class Heating and Cooling Systems

If you’re thinking of getting hold of an air-conditioning unit, be sure that you should know what to look for in a good unit prior to purchasing one.

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