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Canada Legal Help
Canada Legal Help provides help and guidance for any legal situation, needs, or circumstances.
Canada Legal Help provides help and guidance for any legal situation, needs, or circumstances.


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Want to start a business in Canada? Looking to learn what it takes to get a corporation off the ground?

If you are living in the Montreal area and interested to learn more about the law surrounding business and ownership, come out on Wednesday, May 10 from 6:30 - 8:30 at WeWork - Place Ville Marie as Sam Michaels from Canada Legal Help joins Legal Logik Inc. founder and senior attorney Jamie Benizri to discuss the ins and outs of starting a business in Canada and Quebec.


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Our new ‪#‎Employment‬ blog is now live! Learn about the difference between a dismissal and a resignation, and the importance of knowing the ‪#‎law‬ before proclaiming you've 'quit' your job.

From Akiva Stern, our friend at HR Aid Employment Solutions, this informative blog posts is helpful for anyone managing the pitfalls of a strained ‪#‎workplace‬ relationship.

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Canada Legal Help founder Sam Michaels wrote an article about the relationship between poverty and legal innovation and education which has been published by the CBA National / National ABC Magazine. If you are interested in this subject, we hope you will consider giving it a read. The article discusses Sam's experience with innovation and the legal industry, and the lack of poverty-based perspectives in law:

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A new article in the CBA National / National ABC from CLH's Sam Michaels and Osgoode Hall student Michael Motala discusses the On Campus Recruitment process at Osgoode, and changing attitudes around law student hiring.

Recently, the Obiter Dicta, Osgoode's student newspaper, where Sam currently serves as Editor-in-Chief, completed a survey and special report on the OCI process which you can read here:

To read the CBA National article:

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Canada Legal Help founder Sam Michaels recently attended the Ontario Bar Association launch of the 'Do Law Differently' ‪#‎LegalFutures‬ Guide. The Guide helps refine the rhetoric and discussion around legal innovation and the future of the legal industry.

Sam wrote about the experience in Osgoode Hall Law School's Obiter Dicta Newspaper. You can read the article here:

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We have a new ‪#‎AccesstoJustice‬ Blog, this time courtesy Legal Logik Inc.'s Jamie Benizri! In this post, Jamie discusses changes to the ‪#‎Quebec‬ Civil Procedure Laws, rule changes aimed at improving court processes and access to justice for individuals across the province. You can read the blog post here:

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Doing business in #Quebec ? Stay up to date on evolving language laws for business names and signs, courtesy our new #SmallBusiness  blog from #LegalLogik ! In this blog, Legal Logik founder Jamie Benizri discusses the ever-evolving laws surrounding signage and language in Quebec. You can read it here: 

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New trademark guide now online!

Is your brand investment protected by a registered trademark? A brand new free report from Legal Logik, Trademarking 101: The Small Business Guide to Registering A Trademark in Canada, is now available on!


1. How to Use Trademarks as a Business Building Tool
2. Common Trademarking Myths Busted
3. What You Can and Cannot Trademark
4. 3 Keys to A Sucessful Registration
5. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

To read the full guide, visit us online at:

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Our new Small Business Blog courtesy Legal Logik Inc. is now live at! The new blog discusses how the emerging “sharing economy” is changing the rules of economics and law. This introspective blog takes a look at these new players in the economy, and the effect they could have on business regulations and laws.

You can check out the new blog here:

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The Small Business Blog is now live! Our first blog post from Jamie Benizri of Legal Logik Inc. discusses the potential and risk that comes with limited liability after a business incorporates.

From the piece: "If the corporation is sued or goes bankrupt, the business’s assets will be at stake, but not your personal assets such as savings, a home or vehicle. You might lose your investment in the corporation, but you won’t be responsible for any other amounts the corporation owes.

But limited liability doesn’t mean unlimited liability. In some cases, you can be held personally liable…"

Want to read more? You can check out the full post here:
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