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ACA President/CEO Tom Rosenberg discusses the benefits of a job at camp and why camp may teach you more valuable lessons than a summer internship could. #summercamp

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"What an amazing investment we are making in their future! What special memories we are providing them!"

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Teachers and parents of teens and young adults with ADHD: Too many mistakes? It's a chance to learn.

New research shows that academic success is found by students who pay more attention to mistakes. By asking themselves what went wrong, learners can develop techniques to disect their errors. The focus used creates a bigger brain for improvement.

*Reteach/redo tasks. Repetition builds familiarity.
*Encourage linear thinkers to move down a different path. Facilitate innovative thought.
*Be a cheerleader. Tap into emotions to encourage taking a chance.
*Wake them up! Discover the error independently or with support.
*Pay attention to what went wrong. Empower them to develop creative solutions.

"Our kids" fight to use their skills in at traditional academics. Mentor them to persevere despite hardships.

+Education World#ADHD

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Camp and being outdoors can help children deal with anxiety. At Camp Kennebec, we work our hardest to ensure we provide a supportive environment for campers with anxiety to thrive and succeed and give them hands on tools to help deal with anxiety. We can't tell you enough about all the benefits of summer camp. So check it out this article or our website and hear it from our campers themselves. Want to see the benefits yourself, register today - 
In this interview for Camping Magazine, Dr. Shimi Kang, opening keynote for ACA's upcoming National Conference, discusses how camp and being outdoors can help children deal with anxiety. 

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Winter Blues... Turn them into Winter Greens!

At Camp Kennebec, we understand the need for a winter escape for our campers. For the second year, we will be running our incredibly fun Winter Camp, now with more dates to accommodate all of our campers! Check out our website for all of the information!

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We always get asked, "Why summer camp?". There is something magical that happens when kids are able to just be kids, and teens & young adults can see what independence and responsibility can feel like when in the right, supportive (and fun) environment.

Whether you are catching your first fish, paddling a canoe, tipping over in a sail boat, learning to ride a bike, conquering your stage fright and performing at the talent show, catching bugs, frogs or observing that elusive groundhog that lives under the Slop Shop; maybe you’re trekking to the stables to ride horses with names more alike with comic book heroes than animals, attempting (many times) to get up on water-skis and feeling on top of the world when you finally do it, asking your first crush to dance, taco day, having it rain on the canoe trip – and it still be one of your best memories, crazy staff that don’t ever seem to tire, or just finally meeting other kids like you and making a friend – you are experiencing the magic of summer camp.

Unless you have ever existed inside of the camp bubble, you have never experienced the magic of discovering your ‘camp self’. A self that is only found beside the campfire and amongst what were once strangers and are now family. That magic, conjured up by things that only seem to exist inside that bubble, is the reason for summer camp.
But don't take our word for it, our campers are way better at explaining it.

For more testimonials, to see camp in action and to experience the magic yourself - check out:

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Spending a summer working in the great Canadian outdoors is incredible, but spending a summer working in the great, Canadian outdoors with Kennebec campers - that is the perfect summer job!

Kennebec staff are a special blend of caring, experienced, silly, and fun. Inspired by our campers, fueled by coffee and laughs, and supported by each other - we might be biased but there’s no other way we would want to spend a summer.

Need more proof? Check out our new staff video and hear it from Kennebec staff themselves.

Know someone who would make a great addition to the Kennebec family? Looking for an amazing experience this summer? Apply today to experience the perfect summer job for yourself!

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Campfire is a cherished traditional at summer camp! At Kennebec, we do campfire every Sunday night. Everyone gets together and shares skits, songs, dances along and we listen to some of our favourite Kennebec campfire hits! This week, we are feeling particular nostalgic for campfire and thought that you might be as well.

Want to sing-a-long at campfire with us? Register today! -

For our first campfire song, we always call on Arch to do us the honours with Princess Pat.

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Ever wonder what happens at camp? Need a daily fill of inspiration? This has been on repeat for us and we wish we could fast forward winter so that we were all together again! 

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"It's funny how something so small can mean so much. Its like carrying a little piece of #Kennemagic with me everywhere I go. And though I only got to experience the kennemagic for such a short time, it seriously was the best job I have ever had. The best work family I have ever been part of. Oh my, I've got the #Kenneblues over here bad. I hope I get the chance to relive the magic again someday. Thanks everyone" - Kennebec Staff '16

There's a special feeling that exists that we call the #Kenneblues. Last week we premiered our amazing new Camp Kennebec video, and some of our amazing staff felt the 'blues'.

When you work at camp it bonds you in a way that we can't describe. We try to remind ourselves of that bond through our summer ritual of the 'camp bracelet'. Our camp bracelets provide a daily reminder that we are all part of a very special family that shares the understanding of that Camp Kennebec magic.

From classrooms and libraries, and across oceans, to right in our summer home of Kennebec - here are just some of our incredible staff showing off their camp bracelets! If you are feeling the #Kenneblues - relive some your favourite Kennebec memories by watching our video here:
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