So there are little to no games coming out in the summer. I don't know why game developers always let the summer go dead. People nowadays would love to play new released games in the summer. All the ones I want are coming out RIGHT around the same time. It's annoying.

Borderlands 2: 9/18/2012
Assassin's Creed 3: 10/30/2012
Little Big Planet Karting: 11/01/2012
Pokemon Black and White 2: 11/??/2012
Sly 4: 12/31/2012

What happened to May, June, July, and August? >_<
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last year there were only 2 games being released for August. The next month, 10 games were released. They want to sell during the holiday season.
+Nathan Wheeler Both "The Witcher" and "Minecraft" have been avalible for PC, I don't need a 360 to play them.

+Justin Davis. It's because of the season yes, But I think it's somewhat a bad idea to do that. Becuase then people have to choose which one to get. My wallet breaks during that time already from buying people gifts, I'd appreciate it if some of my anticipated games came out better spaced out, instead of a rather dead summer.

I guess this would be the time to pick up those games I missed in the past and play them now. One I wanted to play was Fable 3, I'm sure by now it's probably cheap on Steam too. Maybe I"ll pick that one up next.
Do what I do, buy one game and borrow the rest. I am almost pathological in not buying games the month of release. I hate that most only come out when its battle season for dollars.
Yeah it's true. I don't know anyone who plays on PS3 though to borrow the rest. Most of the time I can do even trades on Craigslist, so I don't end up buying all of them. It's just annoying that they all still come out during one time.
That Assassin's Creed 3 Collector's Edition is mine though. I wish I had the Mass Effect 3 version so I could put it up on fhe shelf with my Deus Ex:HR Augmented Edition. Still, a soon to be 2 out of 3 isn't bad. That reminds me, I need to finish DE: HR again and get the DLC pack. I would play ME3 again, but... Yeah.
It's because the entertainment industry has a special deal that when the good summer movies are out, they don't want people playing games so developers can't release the good stuff. They want that money going to movie tickets.
+Brian Tanguma . I can understand that, but screw movies, $11 per person per movie thats 2 hrs. Or a $60 game or less, possible local multiplayer for 20+ hours of entertainment. Oh yeah, u can sell back ur game for money to get another one. Ill keep netflix and keep buyig video games :)
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