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Cameron Wright
Here, there, everywhere, nowhere
Here, there, everywhere, nowhere


The GOP truly wants to destroy this country. They're shameful and they should all kill themselves

Hunter asked us to tell him what we were thankful for last night at dinner. (Wholly appropriate in that situation). Unlike Huckabee-Sanders at the press briefing. I said, I'm thankful for the GOP and Trump.... Because I'm hopeful that they will finally cause people to get involved with politics again. It's time for younger voices, a more diverse government, a new direction - REGARDLESS OF PARTY.

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Discovery in these cases would be worth it

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So how about them Eagles?

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This is a great story. It's very important what sets Mr Rowan apart from the others.

Hunter has been humming I'm Still Standing all day. I finally put it on the radio and now he's belting out Elton John. He cracks me up

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Almost finished in Lewes, Tesla Superchargers

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I've not laughed from a song in so long.... Not like this
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