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Cameron Wallace
A geeky guy who enjoys being a dad, riding my bike, having a brew, brewing a batch, and playing with maps.
A geeky guy who enjoys being a dad, riding my bike, having a brew, brewing a batch, and playing with maps.

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For all major social platforms;

In this era of ambiguous facts and filtered politics, it is time to consider the place of social media. For those of us who live in representational democracies, there is so much spin that it's hard to actually see what your representative is doing. I would love to see a social media company create a space for direct engagement.

As a global, social platform, it is time to provide a space for designated and designed for political discussion and engagement. To accomplish this I would suggest some features;

1. Create a space for every elected representative. Allow for requests and verification to do this.

2. Evaluate the option to verify constituents, and place the communication of verified constituents above all communication from external parties.

3. Provide the option for the representative to identify the issues they’re facing, and for verified constituents to vote for or against. Any motions or policy decisions that the representative might be facing. This would hopefully result in the representative at least needing to explain if/why they may have voted differently than the wishes of the majority of their constituents.

During elections, these spaces could be restricted for comment and discussion to verified constituents, with candidates given a prioritised space for debate.

Hopefully this would help to decrease the effect of celebrity, and encourage people to engage directly on issues of policy with their political system…

Here's a pic of a waterfall, just because.

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Some thoughts on why the world is the way it is right now.

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New story maps are pretty, this is an interesting multimedia map-based story...

+Leo Laporte +Jeff Jarvis +Ron Amadeo +Stacy Higginbotham Just listening to the latest TWIG on a run, and the debate on advertisers and media, and it occured to me;
1. I don't care as much about reading all of a paper from a specific publisher, but I do like curated content.
2. I like the concept of Google Contributor, but it would be even better if it were more independent. I'd like to pay a monthly amount to not see ads (a la Netflix), and would even be willing to use an app like Google News to read my content, especially if it also provided author profiles, suggested opposing view articles, and curation (potentially even by respected publishers). The app/web site, could even have my total balance, and a cost to read articles ad free as per the publisher rates, so I can decide on the fly weather or not I want to read it ad free.
3. I'm not opposed to seeing ads in my article, as long as they load fast, don't pop up and force me to close them, and aren't something I'd be embarrassed to have someone see over my shoulder. If they're smart and are advertising to something I'm actually interested in, I may even click on them.
4. I really want media to survive and help to provide a critical view of the world events, and I understand they need to get paid, but am rarely willing to pay for subscriptions because I don't have time to read all the content to make it worthwhile. I leave my ad blocker on out of shear laziness mostly...

Some thoughts from outside the industry.

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Hmm... need to play with this at some point soon :-)

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Cameron Wallace commented on a post on Blogger.
Ok... thought this was meant to compete with G+ at first, doesn't look like it, more of a slack competitor. Doesn't replace anything else, just another part of the communications hub that Google is working to become.

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Interesting thought, git may be a good place to get this going, however I think you need to tag it with the relevant region, and topics as well (and maybe include lat/long bounding boxes...)

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Sweet! This will make it much easier to manage photos between all the family members.
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