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Most people think that getting a symbol or logo permanently etched into your body is a bad idea. While I sometimes agree with that, I have no problem paying permanent tribute to the things that have changed or drastically influenced my life.

Let's take the newest addition to my tattoo family as example: the little guy you see below. Did Android change my life? Heck yeah it did. Without Android, I wouldn't be where I am today. I don't care how corny that sounds - the day that I picked up my Motorola Droid for the first time, I could never have imagined what the future was going to bring for me. The influence that device and, to a greater extent, Android has had on my life is definitely tribute-worthy.

So, to answer the common question "how will I feel about this tattoo in 10-20 years?" Even if Android is nothing more than a memory at that point, I'll see this tattoo and be reminded of a new path, a fresh start, fantastic opportunities, and, above all, one of the best times of my life.
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Not a "special" reason, per se, but it was done yesterday, which was Friday the 13th. One of my best friends did the tattoo, and the shop he works at was offering commemorative tattoos for Friday the 13th (as they always do). So it's not only meaningful to me, but it has a fun story behind it, too.
I like it!! Lol I've been contemplating for years on whether or not to get the number '42' on my wrist. HHGTTG ftw. <3
If you've been thinking about it for years and still want it, then I say go for it. Chances are that you won't regret it in the future.
Lol I have a couple Tatties already. I don't think +Tom Gray would appreciate another. ;)
Really? :). That makes me excited. Now I need to pick a font and save up for it. Hahahaha. What have you done, +Cameron Summerson ?
Better than tattooing some fruit on your body.
See, this is exactly how I feel, but about the internet as a whole. I can't seem to find an image to commemorate the influence the internet has had on my life, though, without being a walking public decency violation.
I'll probably never get a tattoo, but I don't have anything against em! If you do get one tho, it should have a great story behind it! Sounds like you have that! +1
I have an entire sleeve of original artwork. I'm sorry but a logo regardless of how much a fan boy (and i am a huge Google fan boy), to me shows no creativity whatsoever, and just a step above a tribal. What happens if the logo changes, company goes under, etc.
Did you happen to read the three paragraphs that I posted along with the picture?
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