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I just unlinked my Facebook account from G+ since I was seeing an increase in random friend requests. I guess this is a sign that these two worlds don't really mix well.
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I think I've only gotten one that I can track to here. Interesting.
+Cameron Marlow I was wondering about that. Wonder if I have a bunch of new random YouTube friend requests...
Ive been getting a handful of emails a day from both re:random friends...yet I find it interesting how the FB friend confirmation emails feel like spam, compared to follower notifications (G+, Twitter). The fact that something has actually changed = that information earns a bit of value.
+Cameron Marlow that's exactly it. Not sure how I feel that I'm allowed to comment on your thread without you first giving me permission. Facebook vibe, with twitter openess = too big an opportunity to spam...

Also, change your profile name to someone a little more high profile, and see if the results don't blow your mind.
Good point. Somewhere must be a privacy settings link.
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