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Cameron Callahan
Creator of the very slightly acclaimed independent comic series Scrambled Circuits. <>
Creator of the very slightly acclaimed independent comic series Scrambled Circuits. <>

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Cameron Callahan writes and draws the indie comic series SCRAMBLED CIRCUITS. It is a slice-of-life story about a robot named PRIMUS and his attempts to understand and connect with those around him. 

Preorder the digital copy of the paperback collection of the first 3 issues for just $5 or a print copy for $15 at Kickstarter! Campaign is 163% funded and ends in just four hours!

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Hello friends and lovers. I am currently on a six (6) day vacation from my overly grueling day job. The bulk of these days will be spent formatting a paperback collection of my comic series, Scrambled Circuits. It will have the first three print issues and some other stories in it. :)

Please, any assistance I can get to fund a small print run will be greatly appreciated! It is currently funded 36% and the campaign just started :)
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Since I've been far quieter lately than I'd like to be about comic makery, here you go:
I added about six more comics to the chronological retelling of the first three SCRAMBLED CIRCUITS books I did to the Tapastic page.

Read (Or re-read!) them here:

Buy the 4th book, featuring art from a handful of super talented (Mostly Whitechapel native) artists, here:

Read a review from Rob Clough about all four here:

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Occasional columnist for The Comics Journal, Rob Clough, says some awesome things about my comics, Scrambled Circuits 1-4.

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So Rob Clough, occasional columnist for The Comics Journal website, reviewed #ScrambledCircuits  1-4 and I really liked everything he said.

Take a look at his review here:

And every week I am putting up an old Scrambled Circuits comic, no longer available most elsewhere, here:

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Love the #Oscars and want even more? This heart warming indie comic with robots in it will change your life... whether you want it to or not  #Upworthy

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Scrambled Circuits Volume 4 is currently available for pre-order in print and (non-comixology) digital form.

Through Etsy:

Or just via paypal:

2.99 for 28 pages of comics written by me and drawn by me and six very talented and too-good-to-work-with-me artists. I've talked a lot here and there about this comic, how long it took to finally get done, the pitfalls I came across and all that. I'm immensely proud of the end product and I am forever grateful to the artists that make this book so great - MegaDeath DinosaurKlaus, Dylan Gandune, Danny Funkzilla, JeCorey Holder, Mark Fox, and Chris Graves. Some of them I've known for years, some I met because of this or my other comics. Everyone that is read this book so far has given a very generous and humbling response. I hope whoever decides to give it a try enjoys it. The first three Scrambled Circuits issues can be freely downloaded at and are currently almost done being properly lettered and touched up for a collection that will be available through comixology.

All pre-orders will arrive to you in print or 1s and 0s November 27 or before.
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Scrambled Circuits Volume 4

ComiXology taking longer than past experiences to respond so unless they get back to soonish I'm preparing for an end of November release date for the latest Scrambled Circuits comic, starring the naive robot Primus and his connections to his friends, family, and coworkers.

This issue features eight stories about Primus and his love of art and his family's apparent disinterest in it. I wrote all of it and SIX artists across the U.S. and a little of Europe illustrate them beautifully.
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Today I am formatting and relettering the first three Scrambled Circuits comics I did for ComiXology (They have been “tentatively accepted” provided I correct some formatting quirks - the relettering Im doing simply because I now know how to do it more properly than I did back then). You should hopefully be able to pick up the first three SC issues, remastered and rearranged in chronological order according to Primus’ point of view, on ComiXology at some point this year (Over 90 pages of comics for a couple bucks). I will also be finalizing the non-story interior pages of Scrambled Circuits: Special Annual #1.

It is almost ready. The last story is being worked on and everything else has been lettered and formatted. It will include nine stories about Primus, from when he was just a lil robot through to more recent times and largely deals with his struggle with creativity - what makes him want to exercise it, share it, and face it. This collection will read by itself but also fits in and is informed by the other issues, if you’ve read them, though they can be read by themselves or out of order.

It has stories in it drawn by me, Elvis Brown, Dylan Canfield, Danny Ferbert, Mark Fox, Chris Graves, and JeCorey Holder (You guys will be hearing from me at some point).

After this and getting the collection of the first three ready for ComiXology I will be collecting and formatting another persons super awesome autobio comic into a pretty ebook for free download, working on some super short non-SC comics, and more towards the end of the year start writing the next Scrambled Circuits (and thinking about the next Special Annual issue drawn with the help of others). And also oh god coffee.
Scrambled Circuits: Special Annual #1 teaser panels
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