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When people are going understand g+ is not facebook. 
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Strangers in the night - On Google+

Some people seem to be a bit uncomfortable when strangers are adding them into their circles and ‘sharing the content’. So these newcomers have been blocking each and every one they don’t know.

Why are you in Google+?
For your friends and family, or for exciting forays into the world of unknown and perhaps even very interesting Plussers?

Remember, these singular people can only see your public posts. If you don’t have any, then the wider public will not know if you are posting at all or just to your own circles. This might hinder others you’d like to connect with, as no posts often means an inactive Google Plusser and who’d like to circle one of those? I know, just look at Mark Zuckerberg. Silly, how many people have circled him, isn’t it? Have you? He never posts anything.

- Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. – George Washington

But why me, you may ask, "I didn't do anything worth circling"? Well, it could have been your comment in somebody else’s post that triggered the circle action. I think it’s kind of nice that the spontaneous circling ensues, it usually means you have something to give.

It happened to me; I’ve never been limited to a niche or small area of knowledge, but embrace all things interesting and post likewise. 
(The question is, however, interesting to whom? Hopefully to those people who have circled me!)

If you start to think too much about what to share, it only leads to confusion and uncertainty.  Just be yourself and share the things you enjoy.

- I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone. - Bill Cosby

Share in public and be proud of it

Too many people underestimate their contribution to G+. 
Even if you don’t share the same interests with those who have circled you, why should you mind if others want to see what you have to say or rather, post? It is well possible that those strange people adding you are new to Google+ and haven’t found their feet yet, so to speak, in the way of producing content that they may be posting in the future.

Perhaps this is why you don’t find common ground in their profile or posts, right now. I’d advice to give them some time: Place them in a ‘Let’s see about this’ circle and just check that circle's stream every now and then, you might be pleasantly surprised. 
But to block them totally from seeing your content, that’s a bit too drastic or facebookian, don’t you think? 

Be Brave and Circle! :-)

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I've had to explain to a few people I've circled that that's how Google+ works :P. Reminds me of Facebook where you'd be publicly humiliated (on your wall) if you friend someone you don't know.
People who come from Facebook are trained to lock down their privacy settings and keep strangers out. Posting publicly on Facebook is wrong - well thats how most of us were trained. I had an interesting exchange with +Robert Scoble on Facebook the other day and he posts publicly on Facebook (as he does on all social networks) but he claims within 12 months the predominant posting method will be public. 

I have always posted publicly on Google+.

G+ is an "Interest Network" and to find people with similar interests you need to post publicly to be discovered. Its the way you get people to find you (and circle you).

Basically if you post 100% private and just talk to your friends then thats all the engagement you will get - which is boring as thats why I hate facebook. I dont like posting publicly on Facebook as I hate the platform and the network.

However Google Plus was designed from the start to be more open ( if you wish) by default and i prefer that engagement method.

Robert said I was using Facebook "the wrong way" - well I guess when people use Google Plus like Facebook then they get the experience they deserve in my view.

If you use Google Plus properly - its an awesome network that keeps on giving as much as you put in!!
I do agree -  I deleted (not deactivate)   my facebook account and cannot tell you how much better I feel to have my life back.  There is so much gossip and disrespect on facebook.  
+Peter Bailey 
+Richard Frostreally? everything i post on FB are public nothing new for me. I dont think there is a wrong way. just do whatever works for you. enjoyed reading your comment. Thanks you so much for putting in so much effort to write it.
 +Maribeth Schneider I don't really use it except updating my page which take less than 1 minute  a day. Life without fb is life without drama
+CamMi Pham I think if you ask most people on Facebook those who post "public" are a minority. So based on the majority on Facebook - posting publicly is perceived as "wrong'. You however are using Facebook properly according to what Facebook wants now.

I agree with Scoble that the masses on Facebook will be moved to a more public way of posting - I dont know how Facebook will do it though.

I guess I am more comfortable to post publicly on G+ rather than Facebook - each to their own :)
+Richard Frost agree with you. It always feel so odd posting on on G+ sky is the limit i can post anything I want    -  this is the link that tells you how to delete your facebook account.     I agree, CamMi,  it made me feel odd too to post on FB.   Plus my work banned FB to where you cannot even access it from work.  With G+ I can :)   And as you said sky is limit on posting anything on G+.    I love how people share various photos and there is respect here -  I seen it first hand -  people have various opinions but no one gets immature and goes haywire with anger - they just move on to better topics with group :)
+Maribeth Schneider believe me i tried, but i have to keep my page. haha so G+ is more work friendly. i heard a place ppl banned G+ too. someone tried to hangout with a client and didnt work. we do have a great community here
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