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More teaser photo...thanks little Monster for the hard work.....I think you will want to check out later tonight

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I hate being another random dude on your timeline complimenting you. I really don't like being one of the pack. But I'll be damned if I can just remain silent when looking at such beauty. What kind of meeting is this? Lord have mercy...
+Angel Rodriguez  i  was going to wear that to a launch party....keep in mind button up blazer and black tight instead....i dont like stocking just for that photo. This ued to be my signature look short, pop color tights, pumps and a blazer
Tai Mi
love this!! and the pink shoes are awesome!
You look amazing. Truly amazing. And accompanied with brains and style? I'm
in love!
Tom Lee
Exotic b&w shot. Tell me your shoes are not the focus !
+Jul S.  come on i am wearing clothes from head to toes...blaming the stocking...this usually what i wear replace stocking w red tights
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