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25 Essential Free Tools Every Blogger Needs
I spent over 12 hours to write this post. I haven't had chance to send it to my editor yet . I use every single tool in this list and love them. Here is the list. hope it is helpful :) 

1. +Pixlr 
2. +LoveIt 
3. Thinglink
4  Comfight
5. +Google+ 
6. Google Apps
7. Rapportive
8. +Livefyre 
9. +Google Analytics 
11. SEO for Wordpress by Yoast 
12. Google Keyword Research Tool
13. Bloglovin
14. +Buffer 
15. Feedburner
16. Tweet Old Post
17. +Dropbox 
18. +Evernote 
19. +Google Alerts 
20. Editorial Calendar Plugin
21. +Google Docs 
22. After The Deadline
23. Akismet
24. +Zemanta 
25. WPtouch

For review and link to the app/plugins

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This is he top 25 free essential free tools for blogger to be successful including SEO, social, interactive media lugins and more
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<3 Awesome! Thanks for including LoveIt on your list!
Me, i only use Pixlr, Thinglink, Bloglovin', Feedburner, Facebook and obviously Google+ i usually write right on the browser since for some unknown reason i could never set live writer to post on blogger. Awesome list btw. 
+Gabriel Pudiza I am having problem w WP now it keeps posting my unpublished post :( i am using docs. I adore thinklink you should totally try the SEO one...its neat
+CamMi Pham I agree, Thinglink is awesome, just the premise of adding content to a simple image is amazing. I've tried WP but ended up giving up on it, i found blogger to be better for my needs. 
+Lindsay Fultz that is a lot there are a lot of similar plugin...those work the best for me
+Gabriel Pudiza depend on your style, a platform dont work for everyone
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